Thursday, December 02, 2010

Just a few rambles and some photo catchup

Last night, Josie & I watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer together for the first time. I bet she talked for the first 30 minutes. Asking me what and who everyone was. It was suppose to be bed time but she didn't go to sleep as planned. But that was part of the fun of this time of year, wasn't it? Being able to stay up and watch Rudolph and Frosty. Well she got too!
Then tonight we watched a little of the Grinch Stole Christmas. She wasn't quite sure on that one, but she kept watching it. She kept saying the Grinch was mean. I tried to tell her the Grinch wasn't mean he was just grumpy about Christmas. Then proceeded to tell her that Daddy was a Grinch cause he didn't like Christmas. She got downright made at me and told me he was not a "Ginch!" :-)

Now let's get caught up on some photos.

Josie and her tattoo. She is so proud of it.

 Amy is suppose to be dipping these Smores but she dropped one in the chocolate so she got to eat it! Likely story Amy.
 Cindy, Aunt Susie & Mom's family minus Nathan Garrett & Austin.
 Josie told me on this morning that the snowman was crying. I asked her why and she said he wanted out of his box. So Daddy put him up that night when he got home. She was a little timid with it at first but then figured out he was just pretend. Now she has to blow him up every night and watch him grow out the window.

Just a few of my decorations.

Josie & her kitty! I just set my shutter button down and let it keep going. This was the only one I got that was half way decent. I even have one with Blue's mouth turned back towards her and open, like she was trying to bite something.
Blue likes to get under the tree and eat the branches.

Josie's first Advent Calendar. We explained the whole concept to her but we'll see how much arguing we get every night wanting more candy.

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