Thursday, December 09, 2010

December Daily~ December 8th

Wasn't much happened today. Josie went to Aunt Michelle's. I was excited cause I got my PC check and got to go get my layaway out for Christmas. Now to get wrapping.
Michelle brought Josie to work this afternoon cause Michelle had an eye appointment. I couldn't get Josie to go pee, so I told her how funny it would be to pee in Ernie's potty. So eventually she thought it funny as well and we went and did it. Once she was done, she needed to call Ernie and tell him. So we called and she got on the phone with him, laughing, and told him "Ernie! I pee in your party!"
Other than that Michael & Cody came over for Josie to see Michael and play with Cody. At one point they were playing hide and seek. Cody was hiding in my room, behind the tent in front of the door. Josie absolutely couldn't find him. He hid for around 5-10 minutes. I finally told her to go look outside and see if Cody was out there. So she walks to the door, looks outside and still didn't see him. He was literally right next to her. All of a sudden Cody starts laughing, then Josie sees him. He comes out and tells me he just couldn't hold it anymore. She was right next to him! They were too funny!!!

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