Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I've finally calmed down enough to type. On Nov 15th we went in for our transfer. It was suppose to take place at 1:30 p.m. By the time we got in the room it was 3:00 p.m. We definitely had two embryo's. One was at the morula stage and the other was at the 8 cell stage. Dr. Gentry thought they both looked good so we transferred them both. The embryologist came to introduce herself to us and told us when they babies were born to let them know they had rode in a minivan before they were even conceived. She was the one that had gone to pick them up from Dr. Bonaventura's. We both laughed and thanked her for keeping them safe.
Mike would not sit still the whole time that we were up there. I don't know if it was nerves or what but he sure wasn't like that the last time we went through this. In one of his many standing walks he read a book that was in our room that had patient information in it. All of a sudden I hear "Well I didn't need to know that!" I asked him what and because I am over 30 and we are putting two embryos in that I had over a 50% chance of having twins. Fine by me!
We stayed at the hospital for an hour after the transfer and then went home.
Mom came over Friday and done the laundry and watched movies with me. Saturday we went to Riley's basketball game. He was disappointed because I didn't bring my camera. After the game was over he wanted to go with Mom & I. So we took him with us and went back to my house. Mom was suppose to take him home because he needed a nap but Riley didn't want to go home. He wanted to stay with me. So I called Michelle and we told Riley he could stay but that he had to lay and watch movies. He did! We watched Toy Story.
Mikey got a deer that night so he was home late. Sunday we went and showed the deer to Riley and were going to take it to K&W's for processing. Riley kept hinting around that he wanted to go with us so we ended up taking him. He got out at K&W with Mikey and decided that all the deer was smaller than "his" deer. He then went back to our house and they played pool after Mikey fixed his lunch.
Fast forward to Thursday November 29th I got to take my blood test. I couldn't wait though and ended up buying a home pregnancy test and took it Wednesday morning when I got up. It immediately turned positive. That was a mixed emotion. I couldn't stop smiling right after I took it and I went and woke up Mikey to show him. After the initial shock wore off I kind of didn't believe it. It turned to quick so I think I thought maybe it was a bad test. Then I went and got the blood test done and had to sit here all day waiting for the results. I ended up calling the Dr's office again because I was tired of waiting. The call came at 3:15 in the afternoon and I was PREGNANT!! I could not sit down. I paced back and forth around this office all afternoon calling everyone to let them know. Friday I still really couldn't sit still but managed a little better.
Saturday, I went to Riley's game with mom. Emily showed up to watch and she ended up going with us shopping afterwards. We went to Sam's so I could get my medicine and then went to Kohl's. I had to buy something for the babies so I bought a pack of 5 onesies. They can go both ways for whichever sex.
Sunday was raining here so Mike and I went and ran around town. We went to look at cribs and so far I haven't found what I want around here.
Monday was our 13th anniversary so we went out to eat. We also went to Walmart and looked at cribs there. Mike has been on the Internet all day trying to find the bed that I want. I'm hoping that I can find one. I want a log one just like mine & Mike's bed but I don't know that I'm going to find one. Big Mike thinks they can make one but Mikey doesn't want to. So I guess time will tell. I have one other place to call and see if they will make one. I think it is finally starting to sink in with Mikey. He is getting better at looking at stuff with me. I think he's like me and a little paranoid. I can't wait until the 12 wks is up so I can breathe a little easier. Won't be completely able to enjoy until I have it/them in my arms! Count down until summer! :-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In two days I will be going for my frozen IVF cycle! :-) I am praying, hoping, crossing my fingers that this time works. I began my Progesterone shots in the hip Friday evening. I was afraid of them and Mike giving them to me but they aren't that bad. Monday morning I started my Heparin shots and WOAH LORD!!!! At first when Mikey was giving it to me I couldn't figure out what everyone was complaining about. UNTIL, he took the shot out then the pain kicked in. It literally feels like you have a bruise and someone is pushing on it. The pain only lasts a few minutes but it leaves one heck of a place on my stomach. I told Mike last night if I do get pregnant I won't be able to do the naked belly pictures unless someone is really good in Photoshop. I don't know that I'm that good at covering up the spots.
I've gotten all of my Christmas trees up except the big one. I started working on that one last night and I got it about half done. I'm hoping to finish it tonight so I can put stuff up before tomorrow evening. I need to clean the house up tomorrow night since I won't be able to this weekend.
I've scrapped some more pictures:

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

New Layouts:

Well that's it for today on the layout front.

Tomorrow(Thursday) is my ultrasound so we are finally onto something else. Friday I get to start taking the big shot. I'm a little scared of Mikey giving me that one but I'm sure he'll be fine. Will post more later I'm off for the day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CT Call

I'm looking for new members for my Creative Team.

*a friendly bunch of girls who are inspiring,creative, and willing to devote their time to promote my products
*a 2 LO minimum/month
*1 LO per new product
*friendly, outgoing and able to participate in various boards

Please email me at sljonesdesigns@yahoo.com if you are interested. Please put "CT Call" in the subject line.

Email me a link to your various galleries, other CT teams, and a short Bio.

Application must be received by Friday, November 9, 2007.
Team will be announced Monday, November 19, 2007.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Anderson Great Grandchildren

Another new layout! Click link for credits.


Well I have been busy all week actually scrapping. I decided I would take a week off from designing and get my own scrapping done. I meant to post some layouts yesterday and didn't get around to it. So I'll do that now:

Click picture for credits.
Cindy & Amy got here Wednesday evening and will be here til Monday. I stayed down at Mom's last night for a few hours and visited. Amy is going to go clean with me tonight and then everyone is carving pumpkins.
Mikey's Grandpa George is now in the hospital because of his defibrillator. The done surgery on him yesterday to take it out so he can get over his infection and then they don't know what they are going to do. They didn't expect him to make it through the surgery but he did! That was a huge bonus. So now we'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rainy Tuesday

Yahoo! It's only been 4 days since my last post. Maybe this is a sign.
Well we didn't do much this past weekend. I had a yard sale Saturday and made a whole $31 and some change. That was really worth the effort. Big difference from the $600 I made in August at our yard sale. Oh well, we learned our lesson. No more yard sales in the fall.
Sunday we went to Wal-mart, rode the cycle, ate at Texas and then went home. I done some scrapping for a class that we will do if I can ever find a free weekend.
Yesterday I made Kayla's party invite. Which I thought was very cute. You can see it at these two links: http://www.polkadotpotato.com/gallery2/showphoto.php?photo=3538&cat=all&limit=last7 or http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=199758.
Don't forget that the potato bar is on until this weekend.

Friday, October 19, 2007

October Potato Bar

Oh My! It's been a month since I have blogged. It seems as if everyday I get something piled on to do. I don't even know the last time I have woke up one morning and had absolutely nothing to do for the day. I guess that's what happens as you get older and man I'm really beginning to not like it. Really good thing I'm the type that doesn't let things get to me.
Let's see.... What's happened since last post. First off Steve Bowlen passed away from an accident. He had a really good turn out for his funeral which to me speaks immensely of his personality. I hope mine has that many people. I always feel sorry for people when I go to their funeral and there is hardly anyone there.
We had our Halloween party on a Friday evening this year. We had a better turn out than I thought we would. Still not as many as we have on a Saturday evening but with races that was impossible. We went in the house @ 3:00 in the morning. I was sober before I even went to bed. Had a lot of fun though.
I've been taking my shots for two weeks tomorrow. They aren't that painful but I do have some bruises. Good thing they are in my tummy so I don't look like a junkie. I have my ultrasound scheduled on November 8th and the IVF transfer on November 15th. We'll keep our fingers crossed. I'm hoping we don't have to go through a whole new cycle. Less expense this way. But the Lord willing this will work.
We went shopping in Edinburgh last Saturday and I got me two new pairs of tennis shoes. I was in bad need for those.
I've been creating templates - trying to get things ready for the Potato Bar at http://www.polkadotpotato.com/. This is my first time participating in one. If I didn't have to fight with the Xcart so much on this computer I would have been able to create some more. I was working on a Christmas paper kit and was wanting to put that on there but I did not get that one done. Maybe we'll have one in November and I'll save this for it. Otherwise I'll have to upload it to the shop.
I've been trying to find some more stores to sell my products but have only had luck with one. I've got to read the contract over for that one and decide if it's a good fit for me or not. If I knew more about the Internet I would create my own site to sell at but I'm not to smart when it comes to that. Anyway, I'll post some previews of what will be for sale on Monday, October 22nd at http://www.polkadotpotato.com/. You can also "Buy the Bar." Here they are:

Friday, September 14, 2007

Good News then Bad News

It's been a while. Things have been hectic. I really would like to be able to post here everyday but it just doesn't seem that it is going to be possible.
Anyway, last week we got the results back from our blood test. I have antibodies to 4 different things of Mike's. I was so happy that they finally found something. Now let's hope that this will help get me pregnant. I had to go buy baby aspirin and begin taking them daily. Then two days before the IVF transfer I will start Heparin shots twice a day. If I become pregnant I have to continue to take them for 36 weeks of the pregnancy. Small price to pay if it works. I will begin Lupron shots on the first day of my period. I take them once a day along with Estrace pills. Then two days before the transfer I start the Heparin shots also along with a Progesterone shot and two other pills. There will be a few days in there where I will take 4 shots/day. I'm just praying that Mike will be able to give them to me. Last time he wouldn't do it and I had to go to the neighbors to do it. We can't do that this time because those Heparin's have to be done every 12 hours on the dot and I don't think that's fair to have to depend on someone else. We'll soon find out!
As a design note, we just got a bunch of info from www.polkadotpotato.com that sounds very interesting. But I'm going to have to bump up my designing and involvements. I'm looking forward to that though.
Yesterday morning we got some bad news. Lisa's dad Bert passed away from a heart attack. He was only 52. I went out there last night to spend some time with Lisa. He was a very comical man. I remember several things from our childhood. The favorite one I remember though is when we went with him to some of his friends home to ride their horses. The horses hadn't been out all winter and were a little feisty. He took the feistiest one and I rode on the back with him, then Lisa had the other one. We were out along the trail and the one we were on decided to buck. I slid right off the back of it. That's not it though. After we were done and came back to the stables Lisa and I wanted to take them out by ourselves. So Lisa got on the feisty one and I took the one she had. We were riding through the quarries and all was well til we hit an open field. My horse took off running and bucking! I flew off the horse and landed with my butt up in the air and the wind knocked out of me. Some neighbors heard Lisa screaming and came to our rescue. We got back to the stables and Bert was upset because he thought for sure he was going to be in trouble since I got hurt. On the way home though I'm sitting in the truck bleeding, bruised and filthy and he stops at McDonald's for a cheeseburger and wants to know if I wanted anything. That McDonald stop is the main recollection I have of that day.
Another one is- every year for his birthday he rented a limo and before he and his friends would go out for the evening he would come get the kids and they could each take a friend. So I went on several of those trips. We went through McDonald's drive thru in that one time too.
Then there were my birthdays when we got older. Us girls wanted to camp out in the backyard of our home so Bert would bring his tent out to Dad & Mom's and set it up for us. I have some good memories of my childhood with him involved. He will be missed by many!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yahoo! Finally a plan!

Well let's keep our fingers crossed. I went to the doctor yesterday, FINALLY! I started my period Tuesday morning. Mike couldn't get off of work so mom & Angalene had to go with me. I was kind of disappointed but that's okay. Anyway, we both have to go get blood work done Tuesday morning in Beech Grove at St Francis hospital. We might possibly be fighting one another and they will put our blood together and watch it over a course of several days to see if that's part of the problem. That will take two weeks to get the result of it. So this month is out on doing any fertility work. Then what he is going to do is use the two frozen embryo's that we have left and thaw them to use. It would be incredibly awesome if those will work because then we won't be out alot of money. AGAIN! If that doesn't work then it's off to prepare for another IVF cycle. He said the success rate is 60%. Better than nothing so we'll see. We are going to do the implants at Evansville because their success rate is higher and the cost is cheaper because he owns the facility. That will mean we won't pay the hospital also which saves about $1400. Hey at this point $1400 looks pretty good to save. That should be the cost of at least 3 shots. Now to figure out how to pay for all of this. I've been getting several calls for photos so hopefully that will keep up and I can use that money to help out. If not I guess it's max out the credit cards! :-( I have faith though the Lord will keep his eye out on us and lead us in the right direction. It is all in His hands!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's been a long time!

Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't posted since July 17th. Where does the time go? I have been very busy. I have had cake classes, photo shoots and the time here at works seems to be flying.

I'm busy working on a new template pack. This will be 4x6 in size and I think I will include 20 templates. I'm going to use them as a brag book for my photography business. For my personal use I'm going to print them out and glue them to a chipboard album. I'm thinking cute Christmas gifts. Here's a sample:

I think they'll be cute!
That's it for now!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Monday!

Today is Monday and what a Monday it has been. Today is the due date for the water bills and I think everyone waited to pay today this month.

Saturday, Mandy, Jason & Eli came over to get Eli's pictures. Talk about a cute kid. He lifted his head up so good and cooperated so well. I'll try and get some pic's uploaded tonight or tomorrow. I either outdone myself or the kid is very photogenic. Probably him! :-) LOL

I ran around Saturday evening pricing the directory for the church. I'm going to have to keep looking because it will be anywhere from $450 to $900. And that is only for 50 books.

Yesterday, we rode around town on the cycle. We were going to go to Mooresville but when Mikey started the bike it started smoking. We decided we'd better stay around town, which was fine with me cause I don't' like to go to Mooresville. If we go there that means we have to go visit Tommy, which nothing against Tommy I like him but I don't like standing there for hours listening to men talk.

I found a wall of graffiti that I wanted to go look at. It was in an alley so I didn't want to do it by myself. We rode the cycle back there and it would be some really cool backdrops for pic's. I'm thinking of using it for Kyle's senior pics. Then we went to the shop to get a part for Christie's jimmy and went and fixed it.

We then went home and I got in the pool for a couple hours. Man was it hot!!!

Around 4:00 we rode into Scotty's to eat. Mikey was craving some fried pickles. I got me a side salad and that sucker was huge. Even after I picked all the junk off it was still huge. I got a burger that I had never gotten before and it looked gross but it was awesome.

Grandma got home Saturday evening so we went down there to visit. She got us all Hard Rock t-shirts from Barcelona. She also got me two shot glasses, one from Rome and one from Marcelona.

Friday night was the races and Mikey finished 8th again. That's 7 races in a row finishing 8th. He broke the streak though Saturday evening and finished 9th. They messed with the car and I think they messed themselves up.

Tomorrow night is my first cake class! I'm excited, I hope I like it and I'm good at it.

Til Tomorrow!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Photo Busy

It has been a busy week for me. Time has flown and I have forgot to post to my blog. I had to just let it go though otherwise it's just another chore.
Let's see! Last Thursday my cousin Mandy called to have me take photos of her 3 month old son. K, no biggie. Friday I get home and Faye called wanting to know if I was available next June to take her wedding photos. Still no biggie, I knew that one would be coming. Then Monday I get home and I have a phone call from a friend of Tricia's wanting a quote on taking some family portraits for a 60th anniversary party. What the heck!!! I have gone since early spring not taking any pictures except for Kayla's. Then get this! Dad went to a board meeting for church Tuesday evening and when he got home he called and they are wanting to do a church directory and want me to do it! Oh my lord!!!!! It is so weird how stuff goes the way it does. The Lord definitely looks out for you. I was getting pretty tight on money cause of some medical bills and we know we are definitely going to be strapped tight here before too much longer when we can finally start fertility treatments. He always brings me money opportunities when I'm needing them. Well now I have an idea to send out letters to everyone I know and invite them to come have their portraits done with no sitting fee and a free portrait sheet in exchange for a model release so that I can use them in advertising. He has given me the talent of being able to take portraits and I need to investigate the opportunity a little more. So we'll see, if it doesn't' work then all I'm out is my time and a little money. I'm hoping that the latter won't happen.
My templates are finally up on Polkadot Potato. I'm so excited! I quit designing them until I seen them up on there and now they are and I'm ready to start designing again! I need more time in the days, I have so many creative ideas running through my head and not enough time to do it all. I don't know what's up with that either. Within the last year I have been very creative and yearning to learn. I guess there's nothing wrong with it just strange that it is so strong of a desire at this point.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Catch Up

It's been a few days since my last post so let me recap.
Friday I was messing on the computer and looked up www.ancestry.com. I found quite a bit out on my maternal great grandmother's side. I printed it out and went home to compare to my book on the history of our family. I found that the tree from the net and the book matched as far back as the book went. If everything is true from that site then I got one side of the family back to 1290 to a Lord H. Von Questenberg & Lady Von Questenberg from Germany. It's pretty darn cool. I started this a long time ago before Grandpa Richard died on the Anderson side and then I quit cause it sure does take a lot of time. It seems though that this site has come a pretty long way since I first did this. So I'm going to take what I have and try this site out to see how far I can get.
Saturday, Mom, Michelle, Riley & Kayla came over to swim. When they left I went to pick up Christie to go to Dawnna's bday party. Then when I got home I watched a movie.
Yesterday I got up and laid in the pool all day. Done a pretty good burn job on me but I about got the Paula Deen book read. It's a pretty good book especially for an autobiography. Mike got in with me and swam for about an hour and a half which was very nice. That's probably his "one time a year" swim. The pool was awesome though.
When we got out we grilled burgers and watched the Travel Channel. They had episodes on Alaska cruises so now Mikey is wanting to go there.
I have to go clean Angalene's house after work and then I need to go home and water some flowers. It's suppose to rain tomorrow but it's not a very good chance and they really need it.
I need to also go to the funeral home tonight for Phyllis Naylor but I don't know if I'm going to or not. Not that I knew her very well but I know all of the kids. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to go.
Well that's it for now, off to work on the family tree. :-)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Boring Holiday

Well our 4th of July pretty much stunk! Tuesday evening I got all my cleaning done early and headed home. Mike left me a message that he was at Michael's and would be home around 7:00. Okay no big deal! 7:30 rolls around and still no Mikey. I'm fuming and the longer he takes the madder I'm getting. Well needless to say he didn't get home until 8:30. By that time I was done ticked off so I changed my clothes and put my pajamas on. We stayed home in the dark not speaking and watching TV. I went to bed at 10:00 with the fireworks going off in town and all I could do was listen to the booms.

Saturday I woke up and it was cloudy, cool and windy. Not a good day for swimming. By 11:00 I was wishing I was at work. Mom, Michelle, Riley & Kayla came over to swim. Kayla, Riley & I got our suits on and were sitting with our feet in the pool and it starts raining. We got out and went to sit on the porch. When it slacked off Riley & I played in the rain.

Riley was bored at home so he wanted to stay with us when Michelle left. Mikey needed to go to town to get a new hose so we went to Walmart got him a hose and Riley a toy. He picked out a black remote control Jeep with a little coaxing from Uncle Mikey.

We then went to the airport to see Bobbie. Riley was excited to see the airplanes but he wouldn't talk to Bobbie. I took him in the garage to see all of the ones that were being worked on and he thought that was pretty cool. He wouldn't get in any of them though. He got to see a helicopter land and got to see Bobbie take off in a plane that he was working on. I don't' know how he does it. I would have a little bit of a problem taking a plane up to see if "it" was fixed. When we got in the truck to leave Riley told Uncle Mikey that he would talk to Bobbie when he got older. Mike asked him why he didn't talk to him and he said he was shy but he would talk to him when he got older. Too cute!!!

Then we met Michelle, Rick & Kayla at Old Charley's for supper. I was not too impressed with my salad I got. They use to be really good but it sure wasn't last night.

Today was hard to get up and go to work and my days are all messed up now. I keep thinking that today is Monday and wondering where my Schwan man is. But now I only have one more day to work and then its the weekend. Which had better be nice because I need some sun. I'm losing my tan.

Riley is coming over tonight to load the race car and I think when he leaves I'm gonna work on the computer and design some more papers. I'm still waiting to be uploaded to Polka dot Potato. Ashley said she would have me up by this Friday so I guess we'll see. I'm kind of getting frustrated with it.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday Mornings

I watched Catch & Release Saturday night and it was a very good movie. It was funnier than I thought it would be. I thought it was suppose to be a serious movie. It was good though.

Yesterday we went to Brad & Julie's for a cookout and fireworks. We stayed all day. Mike actually played volleyball. I about died but he did. I'm gonna have some major stain treatment ahead of me. He dove for the ball several times and his knees are completely grass stained. We got home from there about 10:30. Something we never do on a work night but Mike was enjoying himself and I was glad to see him be social and active for once. Reminds me of when we use to date. I made cupcakes for the party and they turned out really cute. I iced the yellow ones with chocolate and the chocolate ones with cream cheese icing and then I put a flag in the center and sprinkles. Evidently they were good because by the time I left there were only 5 left.

I added a new flash screen with some layouts I made to my blog. Now I need to figure out how to sell things from here. I've been looking at some other blogs where they do it but I haven't dove into it to see how.

This is my new set of papers that will be for sale at Polkadotpotato.com. I thought they were pretty good. I created them to use with pool pictures of the kids.
Well that's it for now!

Check out my Slide Show!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Busy Saturday

The fireworks last night were spectacular. They lasted for almost about an hour. At the very end they set off some big boomers and you literally could feel the heat. It was awesome. Riley, Nathan Garrett & Kayla enjoyed them too. Kayla kept squealing with them but she never once cried. She was the perfect angel with the races also. She really liked the sprint cars. She would want to stand up to see them and she'd bounce non stop. It was hilarious. Riley really enjoyed it also. He got to see Uncle Mikey race three times because he had to run the Consi. He had to start in the back of his heat and didn't get to go forward much. He started in the front of the Consi and won it. Then he finished 8th in the feature. Riley was excited that he won and called him on his cell phone. Surprisingly Mikey answered so Riley got to talk to him. I think it's safe to say that I can now take him to the races with me cause he enjoyed it.
Nathan Garrett stayed the night last night. When we got home I turned the TV on for him because he said he was going to stay up for Uncle Mikey but when he got home Nathan was already out.
Riley came over this morning to play with Nathan. Mikey took them to McDonald's for breakfast then they both went to the garage with him to unload the race car and scrape the mud off. That's always Nathan's job when he goes to the pits with us. I think he has a new little sidekick doing it now. Riley knew where everything went when Uncle Mikey unloaded the race car and he put it there.
Then they got in the pool and played until Michelle came and got Riley.
I made my cupcakes tonight for Brad & Julie's party tomorrow. I think I'm going to wait and ice them in the morning. I went to Michael's tonight and bought some boxes to carry them in. I also signed up for my classes. I think my first one if July 17th. I'm anxious to get them started. I hope I like them. They had 3 people already signed up so I'm the 4th. I hope the class doesn't get to big but the most they take is 12 so that's not bad.
Well that's it for now. Time to watch a movie!

Friday, June 29, 2007


Last night I was just not in the mood to do much of anything. I messed in the house until Mike got home and then I went out to feed the dogs. Levi was in the dog house and wouldn't come out. I noticed some of the food from the night before was still on the ground so I coaxed him out to check on him. Yesterday was pretty humid and I was worried that maybe he wasn't feeling good. He finally came out and when he did LORD did he stink. I got to looking on his neck and he had some raw spots. So I took him to the garage washed his neck and collars with Dawn and then dumped some peroxide on his spots. He did not like the peroxide. I ended up having to put his collar back on him and Mike had to hold him. I felt sorry for him so when I was done I gave him some pretzels for his treat. He stuck around me for a little and then I went in and he went back to his dog house. I checked Georgia & Roscoe and both of their necks are fine. I'm going to go get them all tie outs this weekend and put them on that for about a week and give their necks a break from the collars. I don't' know if its from the collar or from them rough housing. Georgia is really getting an attitude so I'm not ruling that out yet. It's really cool out today and suppose to be the rest of the weekend so I should know if it's his neck bothering him or the heat.
Tonight is the big firework show at the racetrack and I'm ready for it. We didn't get to go last year because of the motor blowing up. Michelle told Mikey he better be careful with his car this year so we can go to the races. This ought to prove interesting tonight because they are bringing Kayla. Don't know how well that's going to go with the noise. Riley is going to cheer and he's going to say"Go Mikey and everyone else". That's what he told us at lunch. Dawnna and Nathan Garrett are coming and Nathan is going home with me to stay the night. In the morning Riley is coming over and the boys are going swimming.
I'm still waiting on my things to get uploaded to Polka Dot Potato. She sent me an email and now it is going to be next Friday before all my stuff is on there. She's wanting to work on my thumbnail previews. I'm waiting to find out what she means so I know on my other previews what I need to do.
I contacted a few stores today by email to see if they are accepting new designers. I heard back from two. One is accepting so I emailed her some examples and the other isn't accepting right now but is planning on more mid July. So I need to work on some more stuff for that one.
Well that's it for now!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Project Plans

Today I went to Hobby Lobby at lunch because Michelle was at the lake with the kids. I thought for sure that I had spent over $60 and to my surprise my total was only $35. I got me two pictures frames- one for my bits & pieces print of Kayla and one for a new project that I am going to start. I'm going to make some scrap wall art. I know once I get this done that Mom & Michelle are both going to want it also. What my plan is- is to change this out on a regular basis. I'm thinking at the end of the year I can make an album for both of the kids out of these prints. We'll see how often it gets changed though. I made a scrap calendar for my wall this year and I think only two months actually have pictures put on them and it's almost July.
I think I have the cake class thing figured out. I hauled hiney last night cleaning to see how long it would take me. I think the only thing I might not be able to get done is a few rooms of sweeping so what Penny and I are going to do is she will get what I can't do and then on Friday I will clean what she had to clean for me on Tuesday. We'll see how this works. I'm just hoping that in August they don't have the next level of classes on Tuesday and I have to do it like this again.
It is really muggy outside today and I'm seriously thinking I may go home and get in the pool. I'm hoping the dogs are all okay today with the heat. Georgia has been laying underneath Mikey's trailer and won't come out unless I go down there and bend down to her level to call for her. I guess it's cool down there. Roscoe has a new thing now of barking at me when I say his name. I pulled in the garage driveway last night before I went to clean so I could talk to Mike and I said "Hi Roscoe!" and he barked once at me and then watched with his tail wagging. Then when I got home I said it again and he done the same thing. Too Cute!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stormy Day

I finally got ahold of Michael's and got their class schedule yesterday. And of course their classes are on Tuesday for the month of July. I knew that was going to happen. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to take them. I really don't want to wait until August to do it. Their classes are either from 1:00 to 3:00 (which means taking off work for 4 tuesday afternoons) or 6:30 to 8:30 (which means either not cleaning or getting home late and cleaning after class.) I can't figure out what to do. I asked the boys off for Tuesday afternoons and they won't give me an answer they keep changing the subject. I wouldn't mind to just skip cleaning for 4 Tuesdays but that also means half of a paycheck and I can't really do that either.

I called the doctors office because this shot hasn't wore off yet and they say it could be another two months before it does which means that much longer until I can start fertility treatments again. I wasn't too happy about that either.

Today has been really nice until this afternoon. We are getting some pretty good storms. I'm glad it waited until the end of the day to do it though so that means I won't have a bunch of mud to sweep up tonight at Bynum's. We are suppose to walk tonight though and that may not happen. I don't care though cause I want to be in on the computer anyway.

Until next time!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend's Over!

Friday evening we went to the races. Mikey finished 1st in his heat and 8th in the feature. His car is doing really good this year. He's having some carburetor problems and they are going to work on that.
Saturday we got rained out so we went to Rural King to buy some bug spray. We ate at the Pizza Hut up there and I couldn't get over the fact that they are so much different than the ones here in town. Their prices seemed higher than ours and their menus were completely different. They also aren't in no hurry to feed you either.
We watched two movies last night, Norbit and Blood Diamond. Norbit was pretty good. Blood Diamond was okay. Probably won't watch it again.
Today we slept til 10:00 then we went to Wally world. Not a good idea on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I think everyone in town was there.
We then went to Marsh so Mike could buy him some meat to make some shishkabob's. He's been in a grilling mood this summer and I'm liking it cause the nights he makes supper means I don't have to. I like to cook but I get tired of thinking what to fix.
I'm still waiting on Michael's to get their July schedule out so I can find out what nights they are going to have their cake classes on. I wish they'd hurry up cause I'm excited about taking them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they aren't on Tuesday evenings so I can do it.
I worked on a new kit for sale at Polkadotpotato. I got it finished up and am ready for work tomorrow so that I can work on another kit. I need to take some time out and work on some layouts to post to some galleries to advertise my stuff. I think I'll make another kit tomorrow and then work on that. By then they ought to have some of my stuff uploaded to the site for sale. I'm anxious to see my stuff on their. They have my name on their now and that tickled me to death.

Friday, June 22, 2007


This is my first post on a blog. I don't quite understand the concept but I have been checking a few out lately and thought I might as well try it.
I've been working all day on a new paper pack for Polkadotpotato.com. I've just started selling my items on there and am so excited to see if others will like and purchase what I myself use to scrapbook my stuff everyday.
I've really gotten hooked on digital scrapbooking since I found it. It is so convenient for me because I have a full time job and digital is something I can do at work while waiting on customers and not have to haul a bunch of stuff back and forth from home to work.
I also just bought my first USB Sandisk Cruzer and am loving it. Even though there's not much to backing up on a Cd for some reason this just seems so much easier. I only bought a 1GB though to see if I would like it and I'm going to have to go get more. I can't decide if I want to use it though for my digital photo storage because my camera files are so big I don't want to end up with 50 of these things to have to haul around. Doesn't make much since though because it would still be better than carrying Cd's around. Our local Staples have a 4GB on sale this week for $40 and I'm thinking about going back to get it.