Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I've finally calmed down enough to type. On Nov 15th we went in for our transfer. It was suppose to take place at 1:30 p.m. By the time we got in the room it was 3:00 p.m. We definitely had two embryo's. One was at the morula stage and the other was at the 8 cell stage. Dr. Gentry thought they both looked good so we transferred them both. The embryologist came to introduce herself to us and told us when they babies were born to let them know they had rode in a minivan before they were even conceived. She was the one that had gone to pick them up from Dr. Bonaventura's. We both laughed and thanked her for keeping them safe.
Mike would not sit still the whole time that we were up there. I don't know if it was nerves or what but he sure wasn't like that the last time we went through this. In one of his many standing walks he read a book that was in our room that had patient information in it. All of a sudden I hear "Well I didn't need to know that!" I asked him what and because I am over 30 and we are putting two embryos in that I had over a 50% chance of having twins. Fine by me!
We stayed at the hospital for an hour after the transfer and then went home.
Mom came over Friday and done the laundry and watched movies with me. Saturday we went to Riley's basketball game. He was disappointed because I didn't bring my camera. After the game was over he wanted to go with Mom & I. So we took him with us and went back to my house. Mom was suppose to take him home because he needed a nap but Riley didn't want to go home. He wanted to stay with me. So I called Michelle and we told Riley he could stay but that he had to lay and watch movies. He did! We watched Toy Story.
Mikey got a deer that night so he was home late. Sunday we went and showed the deer to Riley and were going to take it to K&W's for processing. Riley kept hinting around that he wanted to go with us so we ended up taking him. He got out at K&W with Mikey and decided that all the deer was smaller than "his" deer. He then went back to our house and they played pool after Mikey fixed his lunch.
Fast forward to Thursday November 29th I got to take my blood test. I couldn't wait though and ended up buying a home pregnancy test and took it Wednesday morning when I got up. It immediately turned positive. That was a mixed emotion. I couldn't stop smiling right after I took it and I went and woke up Mikey to show him. After the initial shock wore off I kind of didn't believe it. It turned to quick so I think I thought maybe it was a bad test. Then I went and got the blood test done and had to sit here all day waiting for the results. I ended up calling the Dr's office again because I was tired of waiting. The call came at 3:15 in the afternoon and I was PREGNANT!! I could not sit down. I paced back and forth around this office all afternoon calling everyone to let them know. Friday I still really couldn't sit still but managed a little better.
Saturday, I went to Riley's game with mom. Emily showed up to watch and she ended up going with us shopping afterwards. We went to Sam's so I could get my medicine and then went to Kohl's. I had to buy something for the babies so I bought a pack of 5 onesies. They can go both ways for whichever sex.
Sunday was raining here so Mike and I went and ran around town. We went to look at cribs and so far I haven't found what I want around here.
Monday was our 13th anniversary so we went out to eat. We also went to Walmart and looked at cribs there. Mike has been on the Internet all day trying to find the bed that I want. I'm hoping that I can find one. I want a log one just like mine & Mike's bed but I don't know that I'm going to find one. Big Mike thinks they can make one but Mikey doesn't want to. So I guess time will tell. I have one other place to call and see if they will make one. I think it is finally starting to sink in with Mikey. He is getting better at looking at stuff with me. I think he's like me and a little paranoid. I can't wait until the 12 wks is up so I can breathe a little easier. Won't be completely able to enjoy until I have it/them in my arms! Count down until summer! :-)