Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Daily~ December 23rd

Josie came to work with me this morning and then we met Mama Mike, Nana, Uncle Jim & Aunt Brandy at Chili's. She then went home with Mama Mike to take a nap.

When Daddy & I got off work we went up there to have our christmas with them. Josie got a lot of stuff but her favorite of the night was this huge pillow I had Angalene get. I didn't realize it was so big until it actually came, but she loved it.
And while opening presents she had to take every single piece of paper off of the box. Even if it was a teeny tiny piece!

Then we went home to get the milk and cookies ready for santa. We decided to go ahead and do out Christmas on Christmas Eve morning because of the snow coming in. Incase Daddy had to go out and do snow. So Papa Mike called Santa and asked him if he could come to our house tonight instead of tomorrow night.
We explained to Josie that Santa was bringing her the presents and leaving them for her and that he wouldn't stay. She was worried to death that he was going to come into her house.

And look at all that he left her! You must have really good Josie.

Until tomorrow!

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