Thursday, December 09, 2010

December Daily~December 7th

Today the loggers brought their machine out. Josie thinks we can't get around it when we go to leave.
 Josie wanted the camera when I came in the house. She was walking around the living room taking photos herself. This is the only one that turned out.
Then she wanted Mommy to take her photo with her snowmen. She kept going from snowman to snowman. This was all before dance class tonight. I think she would have been content walking around the house taking photos instead of leaving to dance.
 Then after we got home from dance and after bath, she was all about playing with her kitchen. Since I cleaned out toys and moved them downstairs, only leaving the toy box, doll house and kitchen upstairs, she is actually playing with her toys. I think she had way too much up here and was overwhelmed with it all. I love to see her pretend play with her kitchen and her doll house. She actually has conversations with herself while playing and the kitchen, she will take her cups to the "faucet" and pretend fill her cup up. Way too cute!!!

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