About Me!

Hi! I’m Shannon, the photographer behind Dreams Do Come True Photography.

I named my business for my daughter, Josie, whom you will see quite often on this blog. My husband and I always wanted children and it took us 13 years to finally become parents. She is MY DREAM COME TRUE!

I began my love of photography, way back in high school. I took the photojournalism class that most high schools offer. I loved the creativity that the teacher encouraged us to find in ourselves. In my adult years, I have graduated from New York Institute of Photography, taken classes offered by Candice Stringham, Karen Russell, and Kip May. And am still learning each and every day. From time to time, you will see me take part in contests and fix-it-Fridays on my blog site. These help to keep my techniques in tip-top shape and follow trends in modern photography.

To me a photo is an instant of time, captured and cherished for eternity. Our generation and the next. Remembering the little things, that is what it’s all about. With every click of the shutter I yearn to capture that little moment; the silly look, the chubby hands and feet, the cherished toy. These are all the things that make the moment and your family unique. After all the car seats, high chairs, clothes, toys and random baby gadgets are bought and then outgrown, the things you keep close are you countless photos. It’s the reason I have fallen in love with photography. I want to capture and savor every moment and detail knowing they would pass by way too fast. I want to be able to give other families tangible memories, I want to give them photographs that take them back to that day and let them relive the emotion, smells, tastes, thoughts and sounds.

I love natural expressions and natural light. I never stop dreaming, creating, or surprising myself. I love finding beauty in simplicity. I love turning an everyday moment – into a magical moment. I love freezing your life for a moment, and showing you just how beautiful it is.

I am amazed every day that I’m here - now. I love this path that life has led me down and I’m so gracious for it. Thank you to my wonderful support system - you keep me dreaming.