Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guinn Family~Bloomington, Indiana~ Family Photography~Dreams Do Come True Photography

Met up with M& J and boys. Little "O" is the most laid back baby. Makes me want another!!! ALMOST!!!Enjoy the sneak peek!

And then we had a "dragon" enter the house and knock all the blocks down! So we had to go to Oliver Winery instead!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 6th
We finally got Emily's birthday celebrated. She moved on the weekend of her birthday and everyone is so busy anymore it is really hard to get anything scheduled. But we got it!
And on a side note! Emily & I went to get the pizza at Pizza Express-West, you know right next to Uncle E's! (gay bar) and we got the priveledge of seeing "boys" with short shorts on and washing cars. Can you say GROSS!!!!

Aunt Emily watched Josie for me while I was washing my Jeep. They took the ball out to the field to play with and for some reason, Josie was wanting to ride it.

June 8th
I finally had to take Josie to the Doctor. She just hasn't been acting right for the last month. She has not slept in her bed one night by herself the whole night. Which is not like her. She has been extremely cranky. Then Saturday I made the appointment and while I left in the morning to go do a photo shoot and she stayed home with Daddy, she was completely fine. Started in with her whining when I walked in the door. So I called Michelle to see how the day before went and she said she had been fine until I got there. So I cancelled the appointment and just passed it off that Mommy is the lucky one that gets the fits.
Then her eye starts watering later that evening along with her nose actually having green snot now. So I started her on Benadryl, which was what I was doing on top of my Claritin and it seemed to be helping. It helped with her nose but didn't make much difference with her eye. By Tuesday morning when she woke up both of her eyes were caked with "eye burgers" as Josie calls them. So I gave her more Benadryl, told Mom to watch her and let me know if it got worse. She called me after her nap and said they were bad. So I bit the bullet and took her to the Dr. It's not that I don't think she is sick, it's that the dumb Dr's won't give the kids medicine anymore. But when I told Malone that she had been this way basically for the last month and that the eye and nose had been going on for a week. He gave her antibiotic.
We went to Marsh to fill it and Josie kept asking for suckers. So since she was good, actually great, at the Dr's, she got a bag of suckers. And when you ask her what color she wants on anything anymore it is "bu"

June 10th

The kids came over so that I could watch them while Michelle cleaned out the basement. We got the sprinkler out for them to play in after we ate. It was a "weenie" sprinkler so we decided to just spray with the garden hose.
Michelle had a different motive that I had no clue about. She, Rick, Nathan & Emily all bought me tires for my Jeep for my birthday! I really appreciate it!!! And they definetly needed changed.

June 11th
This morning, I sneezed, because I still have this dumb cold, and Josie says "Bess U Evi!" I laughed and told her Thank you but that Mommy wasn't Levi. Since I have been sick and she has been sick, we both say Bless You when one of us sneezes and that has been going on a lot. Then this week she started telling Levi (the dog) Bless you when he sneezed. So I guess Mommy is on the same playing level as the Dog! :-)

June 12th
We started potty training really hard today. She is getting it but none of it has made it in the potty yet. However, we now go to the bathroom to pee in our diaper and then tell Mommy she pooped.
This evening we went to Uncle Bobbie & Aunt Sandy's for Rachel & Little Bobbie's wedding reception. Once Josie warmed up she had a blast. She played with Buddy until I think Buddy couldn't take it anymore. And she swang until Mommy & Papa Mike couldn't take the heat anymore! :-)

June 13th
We met everyone at Cafe Pizzeria on Kirkwood for my Birthday.

We have peed in the potty 4 times today! You go girl!!!

June 14th
We made it 5 times today. Still don't get the pooping thing. And when she tells you she is going to pee it is still poop. But we flush the toilet and wave and tell the peepee bye!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kotori Custom Photo Jewelry~Child & Family Photographer~Bloomington, Indiana~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

Yeah!!! Look at what I can provide my clients with now. You can wear your loved ones around your neck!

Sterling Silver Tiffany Style Heirloom Necklace

Our popular large sterling silver square photo pendant now comes on a Tiffany style chain. The pendant measures 1 inch. Perfect for showcasing one child or even your whole family. The textured back adds an extra touch.

Personalize your photo jewelry:

•add additional 1 inch pendants

•add hand stamped charms

•Choose a different length

◦16" or 18" lengths available

There are other necklaces to choose from as well as bracelets, rings, key chains and even things for men. Email me if you have any questions.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

S Family~Family Photographer~ Bloomington, Indiana~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

I was able to go out and take photos of "S" family this past Saturday morning. We had a good time and the boys were great! I sure hope "Mom" is pleased.
But, Mom, why didn't we take a photo with the puppy?!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Contest

Here it goes! This is my first photo contest to enter. Wish me luck!!!
This week's theme is "PLAY" I have this photo of my nephew at his baseball game. I love his concentration in the photo.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Beginning of Summer

I don't know why but to Me, June is the beginning of summer. For some it's May and if you go by the calendar it's not until June 21st. But June has always meant the beginning of summer to me.
Josie has been quite the stinkpot lately. I don't know what is going on with her, but Mommy is about ready to pull her hair out. She wants me ALL THE TIME!!! I have to be holding her or she has to be sitting on my lap. I don't know if it's teeth coming in, her not feeling good, the heat or just that clingy stage but it is about to wear me out. It's hard carrying around a 32 pound child on your hip all day long. If I try to sit her down she takes her legs and tries to grab on so that I can't. Don't get me wrong I love that she wants Mommy but sometimes I wish she would want Daddy! :-)
Tuesday night, I tried to weed the flower bed and that lasted all but 5 minutes. Instead she and I ended up on the 4 wheeler. Then Chris came over to help Daddy work on the Jeep and she made him take her for a ride.

She did let me get my camera out to play a little though and I got this one of her in the bottoms sitting on the 4 wheeler.

We then took a ride down to Mike & Tanya's so she could play with the girls. She had fun down there once she warmed up and Mommy got a little break. Abby kept asking when she would get to come babysit so I told her I would pick her up on my way home Wednesday night and she could "babysit" Josie and I would weed my flowers.
And this time it lasted about 30 minutes. With crying about every 5 minutes in between. I finally just gave up and went to sit with the girls on the deck while they played.

This is Abby calling her Mommy to tell her to bring Lollipops for Josie because everytime she would start crying Abby would tell her she would get her a sucker. But we don't have suckers.

Mommy making Josie give Abby a hug after she hit her. I don't know why! But my daughter is a bully! )Couldn't be from me!)

Then Abby's Pappy came up to get her because he had a surprise and this was it.

It had just been born. When we got down there to see it, it was standing but you could still see her sac laying there. This is Josie's first time of seeing a baby pony. She liked her and wanted to get down to go see it but Mommy wouldn't let her.

Then the girls had to get their 4-H Goats out and take them for a walk. They let Josie lead Abby's back to the barn. His name was Sparky. She told Maddie that she was "I alk Dog!". She did really good with it and even gave ole Sparky a kiss before putting him up.

Needless to say she was gross by the time we got home. Even "Pappy" came and gave her two suckers. So we had sucker and goat hair all over us! Yum Yum!!!

Yesterday she went to Aunt 'Chelle's and after nap they got out the kids' new water slide and played on it. Josie is quite the daredevil. Doesn't phase her a bit to go down the slide like the big kids.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Under Construction~Dreams Do Come True Photography~Child Photographer~Bloomington, Indiana

Just wanted any of you followers to know that my blog is currently under construction. So if you click on a link and it doesn't take you anywhere, I am working on it.
Thank you for your patience! I'm hoping to make this more client friendly.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Josie will be 22 months old tomorrow! Where does the time go? It just two short months my baby will be 2.

I think we are already going through the terrible two's also. She says "no" to everything. I have to use reverse psychology on her to get her to do something. She is very stubborn. If I tell her to quit doing something she continues to do it until I stop her. Very frustrating and this Momma doesn't have much patience.

She still loves her fruit and is really getting into playing with the dolls. Everything is "mine" now and she will walk around with her babies telling us they are hers.

She has became oblivious to my camera. Which is nice but everytime I try and get her attention so I can actually get her looking at the camera she ignores me. I'm going to have to figure out another trick. The silly dancing and yelling songs isn't working anymore.

I had to use Daddy the other night as my subject for one of my photo assignments. He wasn't much fun but he did let me use him, so I can't complain. Anyway, I tried getting some of Josie and of course wouldn't cooperate so Daddy told her to blow raspberries at me. And so now that is the new thing.

And I just have to share this photo. I was editing some of Josie's photos for an art project I am working on. (Will post photos of it when I'm done) and I came across this photo of her in the tub. I want it blown up huge and put on either a canvas or a standout and it's going in the bathroom. I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Questionaire from my new class

Today, I started a new online class about "Finding The Joy". Capturing childhood.
My first lesson had this questionaire so I thought I would share and document for myself my responses. I hope to come back to this in a year and answer these again. Just to see if the answers will be any different.

1. What is it that brought you here? What do you wish to gain from this six week e-journey? Is it better photos of your children/grandchildren/pets? Is it to force yourself to actually photograph your own children? Is it to document your child’s life? WHY are you here?

I am here because- I have finally got my groove back after battling PPD, I have started shooting other families as well as my own DD. My goal and dream in life is to provide for my family with my art of photography! I want to better myself anyway I can and children are going to be my biggest subject! As well as the relationships that unfold with it.

2. Think about your own childhood and life. What do you wish you had photos of from your past? Maybe you forgot your camera at a big event, or maybe your parents just didn’t document your life as you wish they had. Think of some specific events/people/things from your past and childhood of which you really wish you had a photo.

My mom & dad did pretty good with documenting our childhood. I wish there would have been more photos involving them with us kids. Don't get me wrong, I love having photos with my grandparents and my great-grandparents and all my relatives but there are very few of my parents in the photos with us. I plan on changing that in our daughter's life. I have been using the self-timer quite a bit lately to get Mommy in the photo.

3. Pretend aliens steal your memory, what do you want your family’s future generations to know about you and your life? About your children’s lives? What do you want your children to remember about their childhood?

I want the future generations to know of my passion for my family and it's history. I want them to know that my DD was the best thing that ever happened in our life. I want her to remember the love her parents have for her and the fun times we had.

4. I am a good parent/grandparent/fur baby parent because…..

I give my daughter the one and only thing she needs to survive life, LOVE!!! I know at times my patience is short but in the end I love her more than anything in the world.

5. I can SHOW my skills from above by capturing photos of……

She & I and all the fun times we have. Playing in the water, running around the house, tickling, snuggling, swinging and even watching ELMO!