The Custom Photo Experience

For my portrait clients, I love location shoots that allow your children (and you) to be more relaxed and act like yourselves. In essence, it captures your true family spirit and makes wonderful memories you can hang on your walls for years to come.

You’ve gone to the cookie cutter portrait studios, but you want something unique and that reflects you. You want your photographer to understand that babies have to eat, kids need time to warm up to the camera, and you don’t want to feel rushed or like you have to apologize if it takes a little while to get that shot you want. You want the one-on-one that doesn’t come with someone who is dealing with you while trying to man the phones, shuffle the next customer in or meet their quota.

Most importantly, you realize that you don’t get these moments back and that photography is the tangible way for you to always remember the way your baby’s wispy hair stuck out in every direction, those perfect ringlet curls your daughter’s hair would transform into after she had been playing for just the right amount of time, how your boy’s nose wrinkled up when he really laughed, the perfect shape of your about-to-pop pregnant belly, the look of love in your husband’s eyes. Hold on to your memories. Bottle that emotion so you can savor it over and over again for years to come.

I get it. I understand because we are alike. I want to be your photographer from the moment you become a family until the time you have an empty nest and all the way through until you become a grandparent. Call me or email me today, right now, because life gets in the way and it is too easy to say you’ll do it tomorrow but before you know it your tiny baby is turning one and then your one year old is a four year old and then she/he is going to kindergarten and then…

The first point of contact:

I will email you my digital “welcome packet” once you make in inquiry about scheduling a session.

I require that this pack is filled out in its entirety and e-signed along with initials indicating that you read each paragraph. This packet includes my detailed pricing, my contract (my policies and model release), and a client questionnaire.

When I receive the signed and initialed contract along with the questionnaire back from you, I will then contact you to set up a time to meet to discuss what you are envisioning and go over any questions. We will also schedule your appointment at this time and a reservation fee of $100.00 will need to be paid in full. This "reservation fee" will be applied to your total after you place your order. It is non-refundable.

We will then meet on said date and time for your photographic adventure. I will spend some time at the beginning of each session getting to know all parties involved and to warm the children up to me. If I am photographing your child, I ask that you give your child and I some time to connect on a personal level. If I need your assistance, I will ask. Most always it is as simple as helping to get the child’s attention and if that is the case, I will ask that you stand RIGHT behind my left ear so I have a way to get good eye contact with the child. You can expect the session to take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on how many subjects and said age of subjects. Most babies and toddlers will only last about an hour.

After your session:

I will go through each individual photo taken, editing the top photos by hand. You can expect to have 20 to 30 photos in an average session, to make your choices from.

After I finish editing all photos, I will contact you to schedule an in-person ordering session. I prefer to do this in your home, as it gives me a chance to make suggestions about your prints and where and how they should be displayed.

We will go through the images together and select which ones that you love most and from there we begin either selecting a collection that would be best for you, or assist in putting together a wall display.

Once your order is placed and paid for, I will upload your photos to a private gallery on my site for 72 hours so that friends and family can order if they so choose.

Once I receive your prints from my lab, I will thoroughly check them over to make sure they are to my standards. I will then contact you and set up a time to hand deliver them.

Knowing that I have helped a family capture and hold on to their precious memories is such a wonderful feeling! And I hope that you will enjoy the experience with Dreams Do Come True Photography!