Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Daily~ December 22nd

Yesterday Josie stayed at Aunt Chelle's house. She was so excited to be going there because she wasn't there last week. When I told her that Riley was home from school, she says "Mom! He say Get Out of My Room!" Sounds like an older sibling to me. :-) I could never say that cause Michelle & I had to share a room.
When we got home, she wanted me to call Abby and see if she could come over and play but Abby was at her Grandma's so we will have to call her after Christmas is over.
Nothing special happened last night, just hung around the house and played babies. Go figure! Only 3 days left til Christmas. She actually get's to go open some presents up Thursday night since Aunt Brandy & Uncle Jim is here.

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