Friday, September 14, 2007

Good News then Bad News

It's been a while. Things have been hectic. I really would like to be able to post here everyday but it just doesn't seem that it is going to be possible.
Anyway, last week we got the results back from our blood test. I have antibodies to 4 different things of Mike's. I was so happy that they finally found something. Now let's hope that this will help get me pregnant. I had to go buy baby aspirin and begin taking them daily. Then two days before the IVF transfer I will start Heparin shots twice a day. If I become pregnant I have to continue to take them for 36 weeks of the pregnancy. Small price to pay if it works. I will begin Lupron shots on the first day of my period. I take them once a day along with Estrace pills. Then two days before the transfer I start the Heparin shots also along with a Progesterone shot and two other pills. There will be a few days in there where I will take 4 shots/day. I'm just praying that Mike will be able to give them to me. Last time he wouldn't do it and I had to go to the neighbors to do it. We can't do that this time because those Heparin's have to be done every 12 hours on the dot and I don't think that's fair to have to depend on someone else. We'll soon find out!
As a design note, we just got a bunch of info from that sounds very interesting. But I'm going to have to bump up my designing and involvements. I'm looking forward to that though.
Yesterday morning we got some bad news. Lisa's dad Bert passed away from a heart attack. He was only 52. I went out there last night to spend some time with Lisa. He was a very comical man. I remember several things from our childhood. The favorite one I remember though is when we went with him to some of his friends home to ride their horses. The horses hadn't been out all winter and were a little feisty. He took the feistiest one and I rode on the back with him, then Lisa had the other one. We were out along the trail and the one we were on decided to buck. I slid right off the back of it. That's not it though. After we were done and came back to the stables Lisa and I wanted to take them out by ourselves. So Lisa got on the feisty one and I took the one she had. We were riding through the quarries and all was well til we hit an open field. My horse took off running and bucking! I flew off the horse and landed with my butt up in the air and the wind knocked out of me. Some neighbors heard Lisa screaming and came to our rescue. We got back to the stables and Bert was upset because he thought for sure he was going to be in trouble since I got hurt. On the way home though I'm sitting in the truck bleeding, bruised and filthy and he stops at McDonald's for a cheeseburger and wants to know if I wanted anything. That McDonald stop is the main recollection I have of that day.
Another one is- every year for his birthday he rented a limo and before he and his friends would go out for the evening he would come get the kids and they could each take a friend. So I went on several of those trips. We went through McDonald's drive thru in that one time too.
Then there were my birthdays when we got older. Us girls wanted to camp out in the backyard of our home so Bert would bring his tent out to Dad & Mom's and set it up for us. I have some good memories of my childhood with him involved. He will be missed by many!