Friday, February 03, 2012

Good Times

January 15th, Granny Glodyne's Birthday. We had pizza and dessert. I made this cake, just wanted to try something different. Didn't turn out half bad! Yellow cake, with raspberry jam between the layers, chocolate frosting and raspberries!
After dinner and dessert, we played a game of Domino's. I've never played it before, and it's easy to learn!


January 21st, we woke up to an ice storm so we were homebound!
First we dressed Gertie up in a tshirt (size 3T is too small for Josie and Gertie), and a skirt.
Then we went up and played in the art room and make pillows. Check out the shoes and socks, too funny!
When Daddy got home, we got the room set up to do my first Boudoir photos. Well not technically my first, but my first since I know what I'm doing now! Anyway, Josie had to pose so I could take photos of her too!




Josie's mad because Gertie took over her laying spot along with her new pillows and blanket.


She wanted Mommy to pose with her.
January 23rd, Josie came home last night after going with Daddy to town and wasn't home 5 minutes and climbed up in my lap and threw up. She was running a temperature and was sick again Monday. So Mommy stayed home with her and we literally layed around the house all day. Which anyone that knows Josie and even Mommy, knows this is so not like us. Even Gertie got in on the laying around action!



Thankfully, by the evening she was feeling a lot better and the temperature was gone. And thankfully no more throwing up!

January 26th,

The poor dog! Dressed in another shirt and now has Josie laying on her!
January 27th, Josie will sit down every night at some point and play her DS. This picture I thought was funny, cause Daddy is sitting on the couch playing a game on my Kindle and Josie is sitting playing her DS. Wow how times have changed!
January 28th, We had another 1/2 price room at French Lick, so we took Josie, Mike and Angalene with us. Josie had an absolute ball. Once it was bedtime, Daddy and I went to the casino and we came home with $600 together. Can't beat that!
Josie hit the candy shop as soon as we got there and Daddy bought her some Jelly Bellies.


Playing Air Hockey with Daddy. I remember last time we brought her down here, I had to hold her so she could reach the table and help her hit the disk.

February 2nd, Josie is into falling asleep on the couch upstairs now. Which is great, until I have to carry her to her bed. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to pick the girl up!

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Girls


Ice Ice Baby


Cupcake Time

Santa Clause brought Josie a cupcake maker and decorator for Christmas. She and I got it out and she made the cupcake all by herself. She chose the chocolate chip cake mix and the strawberry icing. Daddy was allowed to share it with her after it was all done.

World Wide Wrestling Foundation

Josie has always wallered all over me but now it's Daddy & Gertie's turn. She wrestles both of them constantly.

Love this photo!

And of course she's into posing for the camera too and we had to take one with her Smurfs.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

This weeks I Heart Faces Photo Challenge is Best Face Photo from 2011.
I absolutely love this photo!
I Heart Faces Photo Challenge & Photography Tutorials

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Friday, January 06, 2012

"B" Family Maternity Session

Check out this maternity session! I was so blessed to be able to take these photos for Mike's little cousin and his gorgeous wife.
I hope you enjoy, B & R! You guys are going to be great parents!