Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily~ December 14th through December 20th

December 14th
Tonight we took Josie to her last dance class for the year. She will begin again in January. She is doing such a great job. Going in all by herself and actually participating with the teachers.
After dance we took her to the Dr because we were afraid she had a bladder infection. She was all worried that she was going to get a shot. First we had to pee in a hat, she was nervous about that but after she did it she thought it was really funny. The nurse and the Dr both had to assure her that she was not going to get a shot. After we were done and walking out, while in the waiting room with other patients in there she says in her normal loud voice, "Mommy, did the Dr fix my butt?" Josie you are way too funny!
After returning home, we had to get the babies out to play with. This is a nightly occurrence right now and this is what I pick up every night after bed time.

December 15th

Not much happened on today. Josie stayed with Mama Carole and I ran around at lunch and after work to finish up Christmas shopping.

December 16th

We had a lot of snow over night. I couldn't get out to go to work. We went down the drive and that was a trip in itself. Made it about two drives down and thought to myself, this is nuts! So Josie and I just hung out at home.

 First we started out after lunch by finally building our gingerbread house. She's been wanting to do it since last weekend and every time we have planned to do it something has came up.
 She couldn't figure out why I had all the cans around the house.

 She kept wanting to eat the candy that came with the house and I told her she couldn't so we had to get some Smarties out to eat instead.
 After her nap, we broke out the paints. My idea was to paint her hand in red and green and then cut them out and make a wreath. That only lasted about 4 or 5 hand prints. Then she was wanting to paint Mommy's hand and then she was wanting the glitter out. So we quit.
 But I did let her play with the Crayola finger paints that I had bought Riley a long time ago. They are the kind that doesn't make a mess. Well they do if you give them to Josie. Instead of wiping her finger in it and painting, she had to scrape it all out and put it on her hands like you would lotion. She had a blast but man it was messy!

After supper, she and I started to decorate the gingerbread house. Mommy put the icing, where she would point to and then she would stick the candy on. It was everything I could do to keep her out of the candy.
When she thought I wasn't paying attention she grabbed one of the bowls and went behind me to sit on a chair and eat the candy. Little terd!
Josie's finished masterpiece!

December 17th

Was another day at home for Josie and I. We got up this morning and went to the grocery store and ran some other errands.
We then came home and hunkered down for the day.
Tony, Christie & Caleb came over tonight for supper. This is the first time we had all seen Caleb. He was way too cute!
Josie wanted to hold the baby, so Christie let him. When Christie asked her if she was done holding him, Josie told her "No, but you can sit down." She didn't want to give him up. She had to be right next to him the entire night. It was cute.

December 18th

This morning we got up and went to Fountain Square, FINALLY!!! to meet Michelle and the kids for Santa. Josie had to cry once again. Mama Carole ended up sitting with her on Santa's lap. I hope she is over this by next year. I would really like to have some cute photos.
We met them at 9:30 this morning and Santa wasn't to arrive until 10:00. So we took some of our annual photos ahead of time. They didn't have as many decorations this year as they normally do. We were really disappointed. That is one of the reasons we always come here.

 I was wanting to take a photo of just Josie in this one, but Kayla wanted in it to. That explains the expressions on their faces.

 Tony & Christie gave Josie this doll last night and it has not left her side since.

 This afternoon we had to go back to the Dr because they wanted to run another test on Josie's urine. When we were done there she and I went to CVS & Jo-Ann's. Jo-Ann's already had their stuff on 70% off so I bought her some ornaments to color. I wish I would have bought her more. That kept her occupied all night. Even if the marker was on her hands, her face, the table, the mat, the carpet and finally on the ornaments where it belonged.

December 19th

I had a Pampered Chef show at Angalene's. It was a $700 party which was awesome! Josie got to visit with Aunt Brandy and Uncle Jim, she warmed up to them quickly.

December 20th

Josie and I just hung out at home today. We played with babies and watched Elmo. She even helped me do some scrap booking. I can't wait until the day she gets to really help and make her own scrapbooks.

If you've followed me along this far, thank you!

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