Tuesday, December 07, 2010

December Daily~ December 2nd

Tonight when I got home from work, I began packing for our trip to French Lick for our 16th wedding anniversary. This will be Josie's first ever stayover. I didn't tell her that we were going until we were on our way home Thursday.
I told her she would get to go swimming and bowl and then go see Santa Clause at Bass Pro. She was all excited about going to French Lick and going swimming.
Mama Carole was unable to get her out of her pajamas today. She wanted to stay in them all day. She left the house in them and came home in them. But then she saw the bathing suit and off they went. It was everything I could do to get her out of it to take a bath. She wanted to take a bath in it and then wanted to put it back on after bath. I had to hide it from her. Then she posed infront of the tree, I think it will be my Christmas card.
She also had to roll around in the floor and let Blue get her hair.  

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