Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December Daily~ December 1st

I wanted to do this last year but didn't. So this year I am going to try and do the December Daily with Ali Edwards. I think this is a fantastic idea. So here goes!

We woke this morning to snow. Josie has seen it before but of course she was too young to remember let alone know what it actually is. I was in the shower and Josie was in the bathroom with me. Mike came running in and told her to Hurry and come look outside. Honestly the way he was acting I thought there was a deer or something. I never thought of the deck being covered in snow. She asked Daddy when she saw it How it got there? Then ran into the bathroom yelling Mommy and telling me it snowed outside. She was so excited. When we left this morning the Jeep was still covered in it and when I opened the door it hit her in the face. She busted out laughing and says "It get me in the face, Mom!" Once we got to Michelle's she was walking upto the steps and I was behind her. We get to the first step and she stops, turns around to me, and asks "Mommy, how I walk on the steps?" It was too cute.
These are the days I have looked forward to for so many years. The pure excitement and joy at the simplest things makes you remember, Life ain't all that bad.

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