Friday, July 13, 2007

Photo Busy

It has been a busy week for me. Time has flown and I have forgot to post to my blog. I had to just let it go though otherwise it's just another chore.
Let's see! Last Thursday my cousin Mandy called to have me take photos of her 3 month old son. K, no biggie. Friday I get home and Faye called wanting to know if I was available next June to take her wedding photos. Still no biggie, I knew that one would be coming. Then Monday I get home and I have a phone call from a friend of Tricia's wanting a quote on taking some family portraits for a 60th anniversary party. What the heck!!! I have gone since early spring not taking any pictures except for Kayla's. Then get this! Dad went to a board meeting for church Tuesday evening and when he got home he called and they are wanting to do a church directory and want me to do it! Oh my lord!!!!! It is so weird how stuff goes the way it does. The Lord definitely looks out for you. I was getting pretty tight on money cause of some medical bills and we know we are definitely going to be strapped tight here before too much longer when we can finally start fertility treatments. He always brings me money opportunities when I'm needing them. Well now I have an idea to send out letters to everyone I know and invite them to come have their portraits done with no sitting fee and a free portrait sheet in exchange for a model release so that I can use them in advertising. He has given me the talent of being able to take portraits and I need to investigate the opportunity a little more. So we'll see, if it doesn't' work then all I'm out is my time and a little money. I'm hoping that the latter won't happen.
My templates are finally up on Polkadot Potato. I'm so excited! I quit designing them until I seen them up on there and now they are and I'm ready to start designing again! I need more time in the days, I have so many creative ideas running through my head and not enough time to do it all. I don't know what's up with that either. Within the last year I have been very creative and yearning to learn. I guess there's nothing wrong with it just strange that it is so strong of a desire at this point.

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