Saturday, June 30, 2007

Busy Saturday

The fireworks last night were spectacular. They lasted for almost about an hour. At the very end they set off some big boomers and you literally could feel the heat. It was awesome. Riley, Nathan Garrett & Kayla enjoyed them too. Kayla kept squealing with them but she never once cried. She was the perfect angel with the races also. She really liked the sprint cars. She would want to stand up to see them and she'd bounce non stop. It was hilarious. Riley really enjoyed it also. He got to see Uncle Mikey race three times because he had to run the Consi. He had to start in the back of his heat and didn't get to go forward much. He started in the front of the Consi and won it. Then he finished 8th in the feature. Riley was excited that he won and called him on his cell phone. Surprisingly Mikey answered so Riley got to talk to him. I think it's safe to say that I can now take him to the races with me cause he enjoyed it.
Nathan Garrett stayed the night last night. When we got home I turned the TV on for him because he said he was going to stay up for Uncle Mikey but when he got home Nathan was already out.
Riley came over this morning to play with Nathan. Mikey took them to McDonald's for breakfast then they both went to the garage with him to unload the race car and scrape the mud off. That's always Nathan's job when he goes to the pits with us. I think he has a new little sidekick doing it now. Riley knew where everything went when Uncle Mikey unloaded the race car and he put it there.
Then they got in the pool and played until Michelle came and got Riley.
I made my cupcakes tonight for Brad & Julie's party tomorrow. I think I'm going to wait and ice them in the morning. I went to Michael's tonight and bought some boxes to carry them in. I also signed up for my classes. I think my first one if July 17th. I'm anxious to get them started. I hope I like them. They had 3 people already signed up so I'm the 4th. I hope the class doesn't get to big but the most they take is 12 so that's not bad.
Well that's it for now. Time to watch a movie!

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