Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Monday!

Today is Monday and what a Monday it has been. Today is the due date for the water bills and I think everyone waited to pay today this month.

Saturday, Mandy, Jason & Eli came over to get Eli's pictures. Talk about a cute kid. He lifted his head up so good and cooperated so well. I'll try and get some pic's uploaded tonight or tomorrow. I either outdone myself or the kid is very photogenic. Probably him! :-) LOL

I ran around Saturday evening pricing the directory for the church. I'm going to have to keep looking because it will be anywhere from $450 to $900. And that is only for 50 books.

Yesterday, we rode around town on the cycle. We were going to go to Mooresville but when Mikey started the bike it started smoking. We decided we'd better stay around town, which was fine with me cause I don't' like to go to Mooresville. If we go there that means we have to go visit Tommy, which nothing against Tommy I like him but I don't like standing there for hours listening to men talk.

I found a wall of graffiti that I wanted to go look at. It was in an alley so I didn't want to do it by myself. We rode the cycle back there and it would be some really cool backdrops for pic's. I'm thinking of using it for Kyle's senior pics. Then we went to the shop to get a part for Christie's jimmy and went and fixed it.

We then went home and I got in the pool for a couple hours. Man was it hot!!!

Around 4:00 we rode into Scotty's to eat. Mikey was craving some fried pickles. I got me a side salad and that sucker was huge. Even after I picked all the junk off it was still huge. I got a burger that I had never gotten before and it looked gross but it was awesome.

Grandma got home Saturday evening so we went down there to visit. She got us all Hard Rock t-shirts from Barcelona. She also got me two shot glasses, one from Rome and one from Marcelona.

Friday night was the races and Mikey finished 8th again. That's 7 races in a row finishing 8th. He broke the streak though Saturday evening and finished 9th. They messed with the car and I think they messed themselves up.

Tomorrow night is my first cake class! I'm excited, I hope I like it and I'm good at it.

Til Tomorrow!!!

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