Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Project Plans

Today I went to Hobby Lobby at lunch because Michelle was at the lake with the kids. I thought for sure that I had spent over $60 and to my surprise my total was only $35. I got me two pictures frames- one for my bits & pieces print of Kayla and one for a new project that I am going to start. I'm going to make some scrap wall art. I know once I get this done that Mom & Michelle are both going to want it also. What my plan is- is to change this out on a regular basis. I'm thinking at the end of the year I can make an album for both of the kids out of these prints. We'll see how often it gets changed though. I made a scrap calendar for my wall this year and I think only two months actually have pictures put on them and it's almost July.
I think I have the cake class thing figured out. I hauled hiney last night cleaning to see how long it would take me. I think the only thing I might not be able to get done is a few rooms of sweeping so what Penny and I are going to do is she will get what I can't do and then on Friday I will clean what she had to clean for me on Tuesday. We'll see how this works. I'm just hoping that in August they don't have the next level of classes on Tuesday and I have to do it like this again.
It is really muggy outside today and I'm seriously thinking I may go home and get in the pool. I'm hoping the dogs are all okay today with the heat. Georgia has been laying underneath Mikey's trailer and won't come out unless I go down there and bend down to her level to call for her. I guess it's cool down there. Roscoe has a new thing now of barking at me when I say his name. I pulled in the garage driveway last night before I went to clean so I could talk to Mike and I said "Hi Roscoe!" and he barked once at me and then watched with his tail wagging. Then when I got home I said it again and he done the same thing. Too Cute!

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