Friday, June 29, 2007


Last night I was just not in the mood to do much of anything. I messed in the house until Mike got home and then I went out to feed the dogs. Levi was in the dog house and wouldn't come out. I noticed some of the food from the night before was still on the ground so I coaxed him out to check on him. Yesterday was pretty humid and I was worried that maybe he wasn't feeling good. He finally came out and when he did LORD did he stink. I got to looking on his neck and he had some raw spots. So I took him to the garage washed his neck and collars with Dawn and then dumped some peroxide on his spots. He did not like the peroxide. I ended up having to put his collar back on him and Mike had to hold him. I felt sorry for him so when I was done I gave him some pretzels for his treat. He stuck around me for a little and then I went in and he went back to his dog house. I checked Georgia & Roscoe and both of their necks are fine. I'm going to go get them all tie outs this weekend and put them on that for about a week and give their necks a break from the collars. I don't' know if its from the collar or from them rough housing. Georgia is really getting an attitude so I'm not ruling that out yet. It's really cool out today and suppose to be the rest of the weekend so I should know if it's his neck bothering him or the heat.
Tonight is the big firework show at the racetrack and I'm ready for it. We didn't get to go last year because of the motor blowing up. Michelle told Mikey he better be careful with his car this year so we can go to the races. This ought to prove interesting tonight because they are bringing Kayla. Don't know how well that's going to go with the noise. Riley is going to cheer and he's going to say"Go Mikey and everyone else". That's what he told us at lunch. Dawnna and Nathan Garrett are coming and Nathan is going home with me to stay the night. In the morning Riley is coming over and the boys are going swimming.
I'm still waiting on my things to get uploaded to Polka Dot Potato. She sent me an email and now it is going to be next Friday before all my stuff is on there. She's wanting to work on my thumbnail previews. I'm waiting to find out what she means so I know on my other previews what I need to do.
I contacted a few stores today by email to see if they are accepting new designers. I heard back from two. One is accepting so I emailed her some examples and the other isn't accepting right now but is planning on more mid July. So I need to work on some more stuff for that one.
Well that's it for now!

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