Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend's Over!

Friday evening we went to the races. Mikey finished 1st in his heat and 8th in the feature. His car is doing really good this year. He's having some carburetor problems and they are going to work on that.
Saturday we got rained out so we went to Rural King to buy some bug spray. We ate at the Pizza Hut up there and I couldn't get over the fact that they are so much different than the ones here in town. Their prices seemed higher than ours and their menus were completely different. They also aren't in no hurry to feed you either.
We watched two movies last night, Norbit and Blood Diamond. Norbit was pretty good. Blood Diamond was okay. Probably won't watch it again.
Today we slept til 10:00 then we went to Wally world. Not a good idea on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I think everyone in town was there.
We then went to Marsh so Mike could buy him some meat to make some shishkabob's. He's been in a grilling mood this summer and I'm liking it cause the nights he makes supper means I don't have to. I like to cook but I get tired of thinking what to fix.
I'm still waiting on Michael's to get their July schedule out so I can find out what nights they are going to have their cake classes on. I wish they'd hurry up cause I'm excited about taking them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they aren't on Tuesday evenings so I can do it.
I worked on a new kit for sale at Polkadotpotato. I got it finished up and am ready for work tomorrow so that I can work on another kit. I need to take some time out and work on some layouts to post to some galleries to advertise my stuff. I think I'll make another kit tomorrow and then work on that. By then they ought to have some of my stuff uploaded to the site for sale. I'm anxious to see my stuff on their. They have my name on their now and that tickled me to death.

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