Thursday, July 05, 2007

Boring Holiday

Well our 4th of July pretty much stunk! Tuesday evening I got all my cleaning done early and headed home. Mike left me a message that he was at Michael's and would be home around 7:00. Okay no big deal! 7:30 rolls around and still no Mikey. I'm fuming and the longer he takes the madder I'm getting. Well needless to say he didn't get home until 8:30. By that time I was done ticked off so I changed my clothes and put my pajamas on. We stayed home in the dark not speaking and watching TV. I went to bed at 10:00 with the fireworks going off in town and all I could do was listen to the booms.

Saturday I woke up and it was cloudy, cool and windy. Not a good day for swimming. By 11:00 I was wishing I was at work. Mom, Michelle, Riley & Kayla came over to swim. Kayla, Riley & I got our suits on and were sitting with our feet in the pool and it starts raining. We got out and went to sit on the porch. When it slacked off Riley & I played in the rain.

Riley was bored at home so he wanted to stay with us when Michelle left. Mikey needed to go to town to get a new hose so we went to Walmart got him a hose and Riley a toy. He picked out a black remote control Jeep with a little coaxing from Uncle Mikey.

We then went to the airport to see Bobbie. Riley was excited to see the airplanes but he wouldn't talk to Bobbie. I took him in the garage to see all of the ones that were being worked on and he thought that was pretty cool. He wouldn't get in any of them though. He got to see a helicopter land and got to see Bobbie take off in a plane that he was working on. I don't' know how he does it. I would have a little bit of a problem taking a plane up to see if "it" was fixed. When we got in the truck to leave Riley told Uncle Mikey that he would talk to Bobbie when he got older. Mike asked him why he didn't talk to him and he said he was shy but he would talk to him when he got older. Too cute!!!

Then we met Michelle, Rick & Kayla at Old Charley's for supper. I was not too impressed with my salad I got. They use to be really good but it sure wasn't last night.

Today was hard to get up and go to work and my days are all messed up now. I keep thinking that today is Monday and wondering where my Schwan man is. But now I only have one more day to work and then its the weekend. Which had better be nice because I need some sun. I'm losing my tan.

Riley is coming over tonight to load the race car and I think when he leaves I'm gonna work on the computer and design some more papers. I'm still waiting to be uploaded to Polka dot Potato. Ashley said she would have me up by this Friday so I guess we'll see. I'm kind of getting frustrated with it.

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