Friday, February 04, 2011

Winter and Ice!!! We are through!!!

Monday evening we ended up at the beginning of an ice storm. Luckily we are some of the fortunate ones that did not lose power during this storm. But did get stuck home on Tuesday & Wednesday.
Tuesday made for a long day, Josie & I were both in a mood and by Tuesday evening I was ready to go to work.
Some of my "outside" breaks I took the camera with me.

And then these I took from in the house.

And then I can't have the camera out and not take a photo or two of Josie.

But Wednesday was great! We both woke up in good moods and stayed that way all day. That's a bonus!!! Especially in Mommy's department.
We baked some Cinnamon Cobblestone muffins from the Pampered Chef book for breakfast. Then later that morning Josie wanted to bake a cake, so we got her silicone bake ware out that "Santa" brought her for Christmas and she chose a yellow cake mix. They turned out so cute!!!

Then after nap we done some laundry, played, watched Hip Hop Harry. Then after supper we made the Rocky Road cookies from Pampered Chef. Josie helped me put the ingredients in the mixer and then licked the spoon. I turned my back to turn the stove on, turned around and she had the spatula back in the bowl getting her some more dough! I LOVE IT!!!! They were really rich. They have marshmallows on the tops of them and Josie picked them all off before eating one.

Also last night she was trying to catch the cat and some how her hands got wet. I thought maybe the cat had peed on her hands for some reason but it wasn't that. Still don't know what it was, but claimed the floor was "bleeding". So we had to get the floor a band aid cause it had a boo-boo.

So if you come to our house watch for the sponge bob band aid and don't step on it cause it's a boo-boo.
Our nightly routine now when it is time for her to go to bed, I carry her down like a "baby", lay in bed with her until Daddy comes down. Once Daddy comes down I give her a hug & Kiss. She has figured out that I won't stop her from hugging/kissing me so she gets to stay up that much later by kissing and hugging on me. She is also really big now on the "group" hug. So we all three have to hug at least 5 times before her going to bed. Girl, I love you!!!