Monday, March 02, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well we had a very busy weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it other than visiting Dad in the hospital. Saturday morning, we were on our way to town for me to go to the eye doctor and Mike called Nathan. Nathan told us that Grandma's septic had backed up and was overflowing all over the basement and Dad was on his way to the emergency room with chest pains. WHAT?! So I called Dad's cell phone to find out what was going on and evidently he had not been feeling good since Friday night but didn't want to bother anyone. So finally I guess Saturday morning he got to hurting bad enough that he had Mom take him to the emergency room. So he got a butt chewing from me. Neither one of them are taking care of themselves when something is wrong they are letting it go. Stubborn! Wonder where I get it from?! Anyway, they have kept him since Saturday. They have run all kinds of tests and couldn't really find anything other than his pancreas was inflamed. This morning they ran the scope down his throat and have found a hienial hernia (sp) and the start of an ulcer. So he has to make a lifestyle change. We don't know yet if he is going to get to go home tonight or have to stay longer.

Nathan finally got Grandma's mess cleaned up from the septic. The only thing he has left to do is pull the carpet up, which they are suppose to do tonight.

I went to Lenscrafters because I wanted to be able to do the eye exam and get my glasses all in one morning. Well wouldn't it figure! the glasses that I wanted they had to order the frames so I have to wait on them. They dilated my eyes and that was a creepy feeling. I've never had that done before. They said it would take 10-15 minutes for it to effect me but just walking out of the room and into the hall, when I went to dial my cell phone I couldn't see it. Mikey had to pick my glasses out for me cause I couldn't see, so we'll see if I like them when they come! :-) LOL

Josie had a really good weekend. I think she is feeling better. I just wish the poor girl could cough all that mucus up. She is really lifting herself up good with her arms on her stomach but still not liking laying on her tummy. Yesterday when we did it, she pushed a little with one foot. Mikey stayed home with her yesterday while I went to visit Dad. That was the first time since Josie has been here that Dad has flown solo. I waited to leave until she was ready for her afternoon nap thinking they could both lay in bed and nap. Mikey has the cold now also. Well Mike said she slept about an hour and was ready to go. When I called to see if he needed anything before I left town, he was trying to feed her her bottle and she wasn't having any part of it. She has gotten to where Mommy is the only one that can feed her. She won't let Mike do it at all. So when I got home I had to get her to eat all of her bottle. Which she did and then we tried Apple, Strawberry, Banana fruit after we ate our squash. She loved it but she really likes all fruit. Since we tried Sweet Potato's & Turkey she won't hardly touch her veggies. She ate them really good until I did that to her. Now all she wants is the fruit. So I started making her eat all of her veggie before she gets any fruit. So far it's worked but we haven't tried doing it with peas. Michelle will do that this afternoon so we'll see how that goes.

When I got home, Mikey set her in the floor and showed me what she had started doing. She will lay on her back, grab your fingers, pull herself to a sitting position and then pull herself up to standing. You can see her little legs working so hard to do it and when she gets up she gets all excited. It won't be no time and we are gonna be having to chase a little one around! :-)

Josie will be 7 months old tomorrow. It seems almost impossible.

Her cousin in Arkansas turned one. Happy Birthday Libby Kay! Hope you have a good one.

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