Friday, February 27, 2009


For the past week Josie has been muttering a word that sounds very familiar to "Mom". Could it be?! :-) I've given Mikey such a hard time since she has been saying "DaDa", telling him it was just baby babble and she wasn't really saying "DaDa." :-) Now I think she is saying "Mom" and it floats my boat! Now if she would look at me and intentionally saying "Mom" I could look at him and say "Nah Nah Boo Boo" She is actually calling me "Mom" and not babbling! :-) LOL
She acts like she is feeling a little better today. Her cough is sounding really snotty so maybe she is trying to break it up. Michelle called this morning and now Kayla has it. She took her to the Doctor today and they told her she was at the beginning stages and gave her amoxycillin also. So the girls have shared their bug. Now if Riley is lucky they won't share with him. I think it's actually all Aunt Michelle's fault cause she had it first! :-)
Rick, Michelle, Riley & Kayla went to the new "water park" over in Nashville and spent Wednesday night and Thursday night there. Michelle said the kids had a good time but I haven't talked to them. I'm sure I'll hear some stories when I see them. I can't wait until we can do things like that with Josie. I would love for her to remember her childhood as something fun because we did things as a family like water parks, zoos and so forth. I just hope we will have the money to do things! Better starts saving now for Disney world cause we ARE going! I have always wanted to go there. The only time I ever went there, Nathan was in diapers and he is only 3 years younger than I so I would have been 3 or 4, so needless to say I do not remember it. And I love all things Disney!
Last night when we got home Johnny Keith, Tony & Chris were there so they got to meet Josie. Josie was quite interested in staring at Chris cause he had on a fluorescent shirt. She kept "waving" at him.
She has started understanding "cause and effect." It all started with her spoon she chews on while I feed her. She would bang it on the highchair and I would make a noise. Now she bangs it on purpose so I would make the noise. Then she would kick her feet in the tub and I would make a noise plus she would get water splashed on her so now she does that on purpose. Then she started the waving of the arm and now people wave back at her so she is doing that. She is doing the dropping of things off the highchair but hasn't quite comprehended that she could continue to drop it and we would continue to pick it up.
Last night she was in a good mood so I laid her on the bed on her stomach. She pulled herself right up on her arms and reached for a toy. She stayed there for a little while playing and then got mad. She doesn't like tummy time but we are slowly working our way to it. She handles it better on the bed. So since she tolerated the bed, when we went to the floor to play, I done it to her again. She didn't last as long but she lasted longer than normal. When she is sitting now she lunges for things out of her reach. She has only tumbled a few times. So I thought maybe if we can convince her belly time is good then we can start crawling! :-) I know I'll be complaining when she gets into everything but I am ready.
I've been debating on what to do for her 1st birthday party, theme wise. I don't really think I want to do a theme but rather do some fun colors. Mike thinks I'm nuts thinking this far in advance but I actually called the cake lady a month ago to have her put us down for a cake her birthday weekend. I can't wait to see her chubby little hand dig in the cake and smear it all over her face! I have been waiting for that moment for quite some time and I am ready. I want this to be an awesome birthday party! I know she won't remember it but it's still a special one. She's gonna be 7 months on Tuesday and I can hardly believe it. Where does all the time go? We only have 5 months and she will be ONE! Plus Daddy if I can figure out what I am going to do, then I can buy a little here and there and not all at once. That's good logic, isn't it? :-) LOL

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  1. You're not too early to think about the 1st birthday. I'm daydreaming about it, too. I'm leaning towards princess or ballerina. Something with a tutu sounds too cute to me. I'm with you on the image of her smashing cake in her face! And Disney... oh.... Disney. We plan to go for her 6th birthday.