Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Always time for Firsts

But this First is for Mommy. Josie would not sleep last night for nothing. She went down completely fine. Knocked out and in bed by 8:00. I even cut her fingernails and she didn't stir. Mikey came in the house around 8:30 and like normal sounds like a bull in a china shop. The man does not have a quiet bone in his body. Course it doesn't' help that he can't hear very well so he doesn't realize how loud he actually is. Anyway, She woke shortly after he came in. I went down and patted her back to sleep. Then at 10:30, up again. Again patted her back to sleep. Up at 11:00, patted her back to sleep. Up at 11:30, at this point I had had enough so I brought her to our bed. Usually works! She'll go right back to sleep. But not this night. She was wide awake. Not fussy but kicking, rolling, pushing, talking, coughing, whining and trying to sit up. By 1:00, I'd had enough of that so I got up and went to the living room to rock her to sleep. Her little eyes were drowsy and closing, then enters Daddy again! (Gonna have to beat him!) Fixes himself a glass of water and she's up looking around to see what that noise was and what is Daddy doing. I snapped at him and told him to get back to the bed. After that she wouldn't let me rock her, so I got up and went down to her room. Walked her around and bounced, she closed her eyes so I sat down and rocked her again. She was OUT, I laid her down in her bed and up she was! Got her out of the crib after trying to pat her down and rocked her again. Out again, laid her down and what do you know! She was up again. By this time it was 2:30 and I was over it. So my first ever was letting her cry it out! I've never let her cry and not tried to soothe her. I know I know! It won't hurt her but it hurts me and I don't like it. Anyway, I turned her little heater on, turned on her noise, gave her her pacifier and tigger, and left the room. When I got up to our room and looked at the monitor I could see her little eyes moving and she was crying. I turned the monitor down and laid down. When I looked 15 minutes later she was out. So I turned the monitor back up and went to sleep. She woke again at 3:45, wouldn't cooperate with me, so I did it again. This time she was loud enough crying that I could hear her in our room but she quiet alot sooner. In her almost 8 months of life she has never had a night that bad. She wore me out. When she woke this morning she was as happy as a lark and this morning took her normal hour and fifteen minute nap. I figured she would sleep a lot longer. She might this afternoon, we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully, we don't have another night like that tonight.
I made a couple more scrap pages. Every month I take Josie's picture on the couch with a bear that Mama Carole bought her long before she was ever even conceived. My plan is that at the end of the first year I will be able to make a scrap page and see her growth. Anyway, I scrapped this picture since it was her 6 month photo. I also scrapped a photo of my Great Grandpa & Grandma Anderson (Russ) on their wedding day. Enjoy!

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