Friday, July 08, 2011

Father's Day ~ Bloomington, Indiana ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

Back to playing catch up again. I just got finished editing a family photo session that basically took me two weeks to edit. I needed to spend all my free computer time taking care of those photos and therefore mine fell to the bottom of the stack.
I've got another family session that needs editing, but I hope she will forgive me, if I take a little break here today and get my photos caught up. Then it's straight to hers!
Anyway, for Father's Day, Josie, Nathan Garrett and I went to Kohl's to get Nathan some swimming trunks. Josie saw this shirt for Daddy and had to get it for him. She was so proud of herself. She even picked out the card all by herself and it is Snoopy.
I love this age, she understands what is going on now and gets into everything. She kept telling him Happy Birthday since my birthday was the week before. We kept telling her it was Happy Father's Day, but she didn't care, all she knew was Daddy got presents, so it was "happy" something.

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