Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011 Halloween Bash ~ Bloomington, Indiana ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

I decided it was high-time to get back on the Halloween party train! :-) So this year, I went all out, I guess you could say I made up for not having one for the last three years. This one was a little different though, in the fact that grown men weren't wrestling or swinging from grapevines. Instead the younger men were running around the woods and hiding from the younger girls! Or playing in the haunted house constructed out of Mike's hunting shed.

Anyway, this is my inspiration board.
So I went from this to these! (***CAUTION- Photo overload***)

The wonderful Hope came out and facepainted everyone, including me.

Then Logan & Courtney came by and took us for a hayride on the tractor. The kids heard the tractor coming and were chomping at the bit to get on it. A few little ones fell asleep while riding.

I did a lottery draw for the adults. They bought a raffle ticket at a dollar a chance to win "31" scratch off lottery tickets. Mika won with only buying one raffle ticket chance. And won $10 from the scratch off's.

That was about it. We had a great time and the kids really enjoyed it. Now onto planning for next years!


  1. very interesting post, i really liked the shot of the kids and the 3rd pic!

    My Third Eye

  2. Now that's the way Halloween should be celebrated!! What a wonderful party -- I especially love your table decorations. Was that black cheesecloth over the yellow cover? So cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic Halloween, Shannon! Great decorations, too. Ours was pretty quiet up here in Indy ... this year we did get to spend it with some friends in Franklin, eating some scrumptious food, and watching a movie. The hayride sounds so fun ... haven't done that in a couple of years, either! Hope did an amazing job painting all your faces, too. Beautiful! The kids all look like they were having a great time ... so did the adults, and your pictures are super! Thanks for coming by again. Nice to hear you're not too far away, either! There are a few of us up this way that love photography, but most are very busy right now. It would be nice to either find, or start, a photo group or something, and all get together for a photo walk ... great practice, and good to get to know others who love photography, as well. I noticed that you had an entry about Apple Works ... we were just there the other day getting some apples, and taking pictures. I usually set up to sell homemade soap and candles at the Scottish Highlander Festival they have every year at the end of September... have you ever been to that? Sara (the owner) told us that this year was probably the last time they would have it!! So sad ... I really enjoyed it!! That Shepherd's Pie they made was delish ... I'm so glad I had an 'inside' friend who was able to sneak me the recipe! Lol!! You have a great week, and I'll be following you here ... I also need to go enter Faith's challenge for this week again, too! :)