Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Josie's actual Birthday

I met Mom, Riley & Kayla at Wonderlab for Josie's birthday party. We left around lunchtime and met Papa Doug at Bobby's 2. The kids said that was the best food ever. :-) Then we went back to Wonderlab until the girls had had enough. Once again, sorry Riley!!!
But they had a really good time, I am actually thinking of getting a year pass for us. It was really neat and so close to home for us and a great way to occupy Josie's time.

FirstStop was the Bubble room

They had a 6 and under age area. That was really nice and Josie had a blast in there. Course the water tables are always the favorite.

Josie thought it funny to lock Mommy in the area and then walk away. She would laugh if I tried to come out and tell me "Mommy, stay!"

Kayla liked the blocks on the outside of the play area.

Riley liked it all and was going to quick for me to get many photos of him. But he spent the most time at the boards with the "nails" in them making impressions.
You had to move quick to get the photo before he was starting all over again.

The upstairs level also had the animals there. Josie was telling me what fish to take photos of.

 And just some random photos from the day.

After we left Wonderlab, Josie & I went down to see Daddy for a minute. We then went home and took a nap. When she woke up she played with all of her new toys until Daddy got home. When he got home she got her presents from Daddy & Mommy and then we (meaning Mommy) sang Happy Birthday to her and blew out the candle again.
Daddy & Mommy got her a princess tent, more dolls for her dollhouse along with a living room set and a dog & puppy set with the house. Snow White DVD and a Pooh painting book.
She wanted to sleep in her tent and watch TV. So after her shower, we put jammies on, laid down in the tent with blankets & pillows and her "computer" and watched Snow White. I look forward to more nights like this. 
All Josie wanted to do was pick the flowers off to eat them. Didn't want the cake or the icing, just the flowers.

Well that catches up on the happenings around here.

And Miss Josie, I want you to know how much joy you have brought to our lives in the last two years! I can't imagine life without you and am so thankful to God that he finally allowed us to be parents. I love you, Baby Girl!!!

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