Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fair Time!!!

Michelle took Josie to the fair with them on Wednesday night and Mike & I met her down there. Michelle wanted to take Josie for a ride on the tractor in the parade. After two laps around the fair, she didn't want to get off of it.
She rode on the back with Michelle, Riley, Griffin (Stevens) and his brother, while Kayla rode up front with Rick.

After seeing the horses and her not being interested we went to get something to eat. She wanted french fries, so we sat on the bench and ate those. She was a little on the cranky side, hopefully next year she will have more fun. This years weather has been unbearable.
We then went up to the Carnival area after going through the show booths. She kept wanting to ride the rides and was upset when we told her no.

Daddy played darts and won her two doggies. She got a blue one and a yellow one.

Then Josie played "Pick a Duck" and she won a pink pig.

All in all, I think she had fun.

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