Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello There! and Welcome!!!

I get really excited when I learn a new skill. For those of you that know me, photography has always been an obsession of mine. Mike & I went to DC in 1998 and I came back with about 15 rolls of film to develop. Seriously! And we weren't even there a whole week. That is how I have been for as long as I can remember.
Then I started scrapbooking in 2001. At the time, Mike raced and that was all of his free time, working on the car. I felt the need to be crafty and was looking for a new hobby. Introduce, scrapbooking! I quickly became obsessed with it. Had to have all the new stuff. Any book I could get my hands on. And of course MORE PHOTOS!
But scrapbooking did do one thing. It made me take different kinds of photos. I paid more attention to details. Things you wouldn't think of taking a photo of. If I'd been scrapbooking when we went to DC, I would have taken photos of all of the signs under the statues so that when I got back I would remember what they were!
But taking all of these photos and different types of photos, led me to a new venture in 2002. My first ever, real paid, photo shoot! Then that progressed  into doing weddings. {Which, forewarning!!! This time around I am not doing weddings. Portraiture only!!!}
Then the miracle that Mike & I had been waiting for since the day we got married!!! I finally became pregnant in November 2007. I continued to do a few shoots here and there at the beginning. With all of the things that I had to do to maintain the pregnancy, taking photos became just too much. So I quit.
Enter Emmalynne Josephine, August 3, 2008. The camera came back out! Now I had my own child to make those scrapbook pages about.
Slowly but surely I started getting the hang of this new parenting thing. And after about 15 months!!! :-) I think I became somewhat comfortable. I started to get the urge and obsession of all things photo and scrapbooking again. I switched over to doing scrapbooking digitally, because I could do it here at my full time job, while I was working. {You know what it's like to try and do any crafts with a 15 month very active toddler!} Then Christmas, 2009, my parents and my husband got me what I had been asking for. A NEW LAPTOP! And that has prove to be the best present I have ever gotten. I carry it daily with me to work. Having this new computer has allowed me to scrapbook here at work and if I don't get something finished then I can work on it after Josie goes to bed. This has allowed me to have all of 2009 done!!!
Digitally scrapbooking led me to start taking some online classes, which got me wanting to learn more. I needed a refresher course on photography so I found a class and am now back into taking portraits again!
My "DREAMS DO COME TRUE", is first and foremost my precious Josie, but my second dream would be for my passion of all things photo to come full circle and provide me with the desire to create and capture and pay for my little family to live!
This is where this blog will come in. I plan on posting favorites from photo shoots to share with you my reader along with little excerpts of my daily life. Please stay and enjoy and leave me many many comments. Love to get comments! So grab a can of Diet Coke and enjoy!!!

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  1. The photos are awesome!!! I think that it is absolutely fabulous that you are working on fulfilling your dream, and it is great that you are persuing it with such perserverance. Good luck to you with your new endeavor!!!!
    :) Anji Audley