Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010

Well unfortunately I do not get Martin Luther Kind day off. So I am here at work, doing nothing and twiddling my thumbs.
I've been trying to figure out something to start a business up on Etsy. I've wanted to do this for a while but after Josie was born I just didn't have the time. Now that she is a little older, she is allowing me to do some of my own things. Or it's easier to pacify her. I don't know which! :-)
Anyway, I was thinking either sewing some kind of things, but that one I'm new to so I don't' think that would be a wise decision until I get my sewing machine down pat. So then I thought about doing some miniature scrapbooks. Maybe like a theme scrapbook that a person would buy and then put their own pictures in. Which that one I am still leaning towards, because I love doing it and that I know I am good at. I would really enjoy it if I could figure out how to also do it digitally like I am doing with Josie's books to date. So much quicker. But I do really like the little theme albums.
Then I also thought about cupcakes! I absolutely love cupcakes. Give me a cupcake any day over a full cake. So I went to Barnes & Nobles not with this in mind at all. I had this idea several months ago but talked myself out of it. Knowing all the "food" rules with my Mom being a Unit Leader in the cafeteria for so many years. But then I ran across this book and it got me thinking about that again. I mean what is the difference between that and all of these wedding cake decoraters that do that in the house as well. Plus I don't' have any inside animals anymore, unless you count Mikey! :-) So why not?!
So I have convoed someone on Etsy about this and how to get started. So we'll wait and see. Now I just need to come up with a name but with cupcakes being my main store and the scrapbooks being a secondary item. Any suggestions?!

This weekend it had warmed up out so Mikey put Josie's coat on her and let her go out and run around the deck. Levi is loose and on the deck. Last fall she was scared of him if he got to close. But not now. Mikey knocked on the window for me to look and she was yelling at "Evi" to "itdown!". It was so cute. She looked so small standing next to Levi. She was doing really good with him, didn't mind him much and he didn't mind her either. But then he got in her face sniffing and done his snorting and that was all she wrote. Mike had to bring her in and she came crying to me "Mommy, Evi, (raspberries), Evi, (raspberries)" It was funny! But then about 10 minutes later she was back at yelling for him through the windows.
She is learning so much right now and I absolutely love it!!! We were playing this weekend and she was signing Ring around the Rosie, you can really understand the Ashes, Ashes part and the Fall Down part.
She is also playing with her Lego blocks and actually connecting them and stacking. Then when we were done and we were cleaning up, we sing the clean up song, because Kayla does that. And she has said Clean up for quite sometime, but while we were singing it, she also said Everybody. Stopped me in my tracks, and I asked Mike if he heard her. Which he didn't and she hasn't said it since.
Really is making me not want to be at work, because I don't want to miss anything she is doing and learning. But I know I have to be here. Sorry baby girl!!! :-(
Well that's it for now. I'm in the process of working on my photos so that should be coming up soon as a post.

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