Friday, January 15, 2010


Today is Granny Glodyne's birthday. Happy 79th Birthday Granny! We are going to her house tonight and Mom is making cheeseburgers and french fries. Sounds so yummy to me! I have been craving them.
I have decided I will not be getting a Flu Mist next year. I have been sick three times now already this winter. I am never sick. I didn't think much about the first two sicknesses because Josie was sick and I caught it from her. But this time only Mommy has the cold and I am trying my hardest to not give it to her. Her being sick is absolutely NO FUN!!! She won't let anyone else deal with her except for Mommy. Which I love that she is so dependent on me, but on the other hand it is also very tiring!
For her 2nd Christmas, it wasn't all that much fun. She got strep throat. I took her to the Dr on Tuesday morning the 22nd. They took a strep culture but said it was negative. The poor kid kept running a fever. I was switching Tylenol and Motrin trying to help her with her comfort level. She would do okay about an hour after you would give her one and then about an hour before it was time for her next dose, you could tell she was really uncomfortable and her temperature would get really high. Well the Dr's office called on Wednesday evening right before I left work and said that she did have strep. So off to Marsh I went to get her Amoxycillin. All Christmas this is what we dealt with. She didn't feel well enough to have much fun and no one could touch her except me.
I came down with it on late Saturday evening. I laid around all day Sunday and told Mike that if what I had was what she had I didn't blame her for being so grouchy! That was awful.
By New Year's we were all doing good.
Then she got to enjoy all of her new Christmas presents. She got a bounce house from Grandpa & Grandma Jones. That thing is huge and is taking up my kitchen and living room but she plays in it daily and really likes it. I have been trying to get a good picture of her in it but haven't succeeded yet.
She got a kitchen from Papa Doug and Mama Carole and we have "offee" daily. Along with pancakes. She really likes playing with it.
She got an American Girl stroller from Uncle Rick, Aunt Michelle, Riley and Kayla. The girls always fought over Kayla's at her house so Michelle got Josie her own. She is really getting into playing with her dolls. She will sing Rock a Bye to them. And now she even cradles them and bounces them around the house saying "shh shh". Just like Mommy does to her.
Mommy & Daddy got her a 4 wheeler. When we can get her on it, she likes it but she doesn't get on it much yet. I figure this spring she will have fun with it out on the decks.

Josie's actions and temperament right now at 17 months:
  • She loves to color. And when she says color she rolls her "r". Sounds very redneckish.
  • Is obsessed with Elmo, we have to tell her Elmo is sleeping. But now she is also getting into the other characters and when you tell her Elmo is sleeping, then she will say Big Bird, sleeping, Cookie, sleeping, Abby, sleeping, Grover, sleeping and lastly Zoe, sleeping. Then she gets off the subject for a few minutes.
  • She is singing along with her cartoons now.
  • She loves books. She will sit down in the floor open them up and just start babbling as if she is reading them. We took her to Barnes and Nobles on New Year's for the first time and she wanted her coat and hat off right then and just started going through the books. Made Mommy very happy because I love books.
  • She is more about fruit than she is about chocolate. She was a sweets baby but now all she wants is fruit.
  • She throws everything. Especially when you are getting on to her for something. That gets really annoying and I can't wait til she outgrows that one.
  • When she knows she is going to "Aunt Chelle's", she will say "Iley" for Riley but she won't say anything about Kayla, so when you say what about Kayla she will say "Be Nice". Those two fight, take toys from one another and Josie pulls Kayla's hair. Mom says it is getting Michelle & I back for all the arguing we did.

I think I have us all caught up now.

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