Friday, June 10, 2011

L&B ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography ~ Bloomington, Indiana

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to drive and walk around with two great girls and my camera in hand. I know I had a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure they did as well.
I can remember being about the same age and taking photos of myself and a friend as we changed outfits and modeled for each other. What a great childhood memory! Just shows me how long photography has been an obsession of mine. I didn't do it cause I wanted to be a model. I just like taking the photos and changing the outfits and scenes.
This is a great idea for a group of girls, they will have photos that will last a lifetime showcasing their friendship and reminding them of their dreams, 15 years down the road. Wait, it's been 15 years since highschool?! That's a post for another day! :-) HeeHee!!!
Anyway, on to the photos. We hit up a church first on Bethel Lane, then went and walked around campus and Kirkwood, and ended up on Simpson Chapel Rd. I will try and narrow down my favorites but it will be extrememly hard. If anyone wants to see the whole grouping, check out my Facebook Page.
On to the first girl, "L":

And now "B":

And now both:

 Thank you girls! I had a great time and when you're ready to go again, call me!


  1. Beautiful! :) Love all the poses and locations and everything. Great job!

  2. Beautiful young ladies, great variety!

  3. Beautiful, you are very good at what you do!:)

  4. They are gorgeous girls!!! You did a wonderful job posing and like the variety of locations!

  5. Shannon, these are beautiful pictures. You are very talented!