Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

We started out celebrating Mother's Day at home. Mike & Josie got me a massage at Spaah. Then they went and got McDonald's. Josie slept in late so we didn't make it to church. By the time she got up it was 9:30. Mikey threw her coat on her and took her to McD's in her jammies to get Mommy breakfast.
Then we went to Granny Glodyne's and had Mother's Day/Dad's Birthday.

We got Mom a gift card to Lowe's so she can go buy herself more flowers.

Aunt "Emmie" & Josie

Me & the Girls went for a ride in the Model A with Papa. Josie hadn't actually taken a ride in it yet. I tried to get a photo of the girls in the backseat together but they wouldn't cooperate.

"Bubby" helping Josie climb the hill behind Granny's.

I had Michelle take our photo. It turned out okay. Better than our "Sear's" portrait. More us!!!

We left Granny's to head to Louise's and the poor kid, just sacked out. She had played hard with her cousins. Once we got to Louise's, I let her sleep a little while but everyone was wanting to see her and they had to leave. So I woke her up and all she did was cling to me. I think they got a few smiles and by the time Aunt Sandy, Bobbie & Rachel left, they got some hugs.

We got Grandma Jones a gift card to Borders cause she loves to read.

Trying to get a black olive, even though she didn't like them when Papa Mike gave them to her.

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