Friday, August 28, 2009

Feeling A Little Down!

Michelle & I are going to have a yard sale so I have been going through all of Josie's clothes from the first year. Makes me really miss my baby!!! Everyone says they grow fast but Lord, you don't know until it's your own. I enjoy everything she is doing now and the fun we are having and more to come but I also miss my little 8 pounder laying in my arms sleeping!
Speaking of fun things! Some aren't so fun!!! I had to take the knobs off of our gas stove a few weeks ago. One night I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner, Josie likes to push her highchair around the kitchen and she pushed it into the stove. She does this all the time. Next thing I know I start smelling something. She had pushed her highchair into the stove and turned the gas on. So we turned on all the exhausts in the house, opened the windows and headed out to the swing set. The knobs are now off the stove.
Then this past Saturday, Chris and Katie came over for dinner. Josie was playing with her little teapot that has a removable lid on it, she stood up and walked over to the stove and hung it where the knobs should be. I couldn't help but laugh!
Then Tuesday night, I had gotten done using the oven for dinner. She was in the kitchen with me whining wanting me to pick her up while I was cleaning up the mess. She grabbed the stove handle and pulled. She fell and the door fell on her. Luckily she didn't get burned! So now the self cleaning lock is on it.
She is now afraid of all sweepers. They don't even have to be running. All she has to do is see one and cry until you put it up. Don't know what is up with that one, but it's getting old really quick!
Her walking is now almost a run. When she gets in a hurry because she has something she's not suppose to have and she takes off, she puts her head and chest out in front of her legs and goes as fast as she can. Most the time falling to the floor cause she is off balance. Too funny!!!
I've got some new pictures but I don't have them on the computer yet so I'll get that up so you all can see her.
That's it for now!

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