Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been bad again! I need to set myself a weekly workday schedule and get stuff done that way. Updating this being top priority! :-)
Anyway, everything went okay with my D&C and all is well there. Wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. I was feeling pretty good by noon. Course then I started doing things and by 8:00 I could tell I'd done too much. Shouldn't have pulled Josie around the yard in the wagon, hugh?!
Josie has a total of three more teeth trying to break through. She's been in some pain. I just keep the motrin to her when she gets fussy. I can usually tell cause she digs around in her mouth and she is biting at our shirts trying to chew when you think she is getting ready to hug and love. Nope! She's gonna bite ya!!!
She is all over the house now. She will play pretty good in a room by herself but you better not be gone long. I can no longer go to the bathroom on my own. I will try to sneak out of the room and I will be there taking care of business and here she comes peaking around the door either in the dining room or from the closet side.
Daddy stayed home all weekend. He done stuff around the house but he was around and now he has a little buddy because of it! Now it's not just me that she wants and she doesn't cry every time he picks her up or every time I leave her in the room with him. I hope he keeps this up cause every little girl needs her Daddy around!
I know he's missing racing but I'm loving it! I'm actually getting things around the house done. And I'm not the one doing them! Josie & I went to Cindy's on Saturday morning and I came home to him mulching my flower bed. NEVER been done before!!! I've always done all mulching by myself.
Speaking of Cindy, I went to meet with Allyson so she could teach me on this shopping stuff and OH MY LORD!!!! Did she teach me?! I can't believe all of it. I'm going to start it now so watch out CVS & Krogers!!! I may end up with enough shampoo to take a bath in it, but hey it don't go bad does it!
Well that's all the time I have right now! I'll update more later and get some pics on here too! I can't believe my little baby is going to be 10 months old next Wednesday! Where does the time go?!

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