Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sit up

So it's been a while since I've posted. I need to get better at this but I still have not done it. I think about it everyday but that's not the same as doing, is it?
Well since we last talked - Josie laughed for the first time out loud at Emily one evening when we were walking at Marlin. She doesn't even know what she done but whatever it was Josie thought it was funny. She has since laughed at Riley, Kayla, Mama Carole, Mommy and Daddy. I've gotten several out of her but only by pure luck. What will work one day she looks at you like you are stupid the next day. I love to hear it though and the poor girl gets hiccups when she does it.
She has also started trying to pull herself to a sitting position so Saturday I went and bought her a Bumbo. We tried it for the first time at Michelle's house that evening at Kayla's birthday. She seems to enjoy but she doesn't want to sit in it for very long. Here's a picture:
We dressed Josie up as a pumpkin for halloween. I couldn't find a costume I liked that would fit with the carseat. We were only taking her to Grandparents anyway so I just used Riley's costume. Watch out next year though, it may be pretty fun. I love Halloween.

Mike & I tried to take her 3 month pictures on the Sunday that she turned 12 weeks. We got a few and then she decided to spit up her formula everywhere so that didn't last. This happened though after I got everything set up and her changed down at Mom's so she could help me and Josie decided it was time for a nap. So after she spit up all over her outfit and the backdrop I had to postpone it til the next weekend. So this past Sunday after church, Mom, Michelle, Riley, Kayla and I took her pictures and we got some cute ones. The one with the hat is the ones we took on her 13 week Sunday, the jean outfit is one I got taken before she spit up everywhere.
Kayla turned 2 on November 1st. She was alot of fun to watch this year. She completely gets it now. The poor kids though fought over her new toys. Michelle set up her castle that she got and Riley wanted to play with her but Kayla did not want Bubby touching her stuff.
The girls took a bath together before we took Josie home to put in bed. Kayla really enjoyed having her in the tub. When Josie cried cause Aunt Michelle dumped water on her head, Kayla says "It's okay Josie!" She is too cute!!!
Well I think that is all that has happened since the last post. I will try and be better about this!


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